12 Hours In October That Changed Everything For The Pimps of the Backpage

Four years ago this month, way back in October of 2016, the wheels of justice began to turn for the pimps, sex traffickers and shameless conmen apologists behind the largest child sex ring this country has ever seen — Backpage.

In honor of this four year anniversary we thought today we might take a look back at the timeline that saw the beginning of the end for the criminals that for too long cheated the system, abused countless victims, and profited from the pain they caused to the tune of half a billion dollars. 

Thursday, Oct 6th, 2016

6 A.M.

State agents raid the Dallas offices of adult classified ad portal Backpage and arrested Chief Executive Officer Carl Ferrer following allegations that adult and child sex-trafficking victims were forced into prostitution through escort ads posted on the site.

Ferrer was arrested on a California warrant after arriving Thursday in Houston on a flight from Amsterdam. Authorities also issued warrants for the arrest of the site’s controlling shareholders, sixty-eight-year-old Michael Lacey and sixty-seven-year-old James Larkin.

Then California Attorney General (now Vice Presidential nominee) Kamala Harris said Ferrer was arrested on felony charges of pimping a minor, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping. 

In her official statement Harris made it abundantly clear that Backpage broke the law, repeatedly, knowingly and with intent to conceal their tracks, citing the definition of ‘pimping’ under California law as: “making money off prostitutes or soliciting customers for prostitution.”

By contrast, known liar and paid-for stooge Tony Ortega made many false claims about the legitimacy of Backpage and the business model created by Ferrer, Larkin and Lacey. Indeed, about the latter Tony once smugly bragged, ’the people I work for were smart enough to start Backpage.’  

Does Tony Ortega fail to realize that by boasting about his working connection with these ‘smart enough’ people he is tacitly admitting that he was, in fact, engaged in the business of making money off prostitutes? Does Tony Ortega not realize that bragging about what he seems to be framing as a collaboration with these indicted Backpage pimps, he is calling the nation’s attention to the fact that he’s confessing to potentially having violated the very same laws prohibiting pimping himself?

We don’t hold much stock in Tony Ortega’s intelligence but this feels colossally stupid, even for him! 

The day was off to explosive start and, as we will see in our next installment, the next 12 hours would change everything, eventually leading to the downfall of an empire of crime and the exposure of the cowards like Ortega who was being paid with Backpage’s dirty money to aid and abet the millionaire pimps he worked for.

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