Anonymous at the United Nations?


On January 27, 2018, Tony Ortega wrote:

Ten years ago, at 2 in the morning on January 27, 2008, Mark Bunker uploaded a 9-minute video he’d made after a long day of work.

Two weeks before, on January 14, Bunker had made a little history by posting another 9-minute video, one featuring Tom

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Tony Ortega, No More Secrets

Tony Ortega is nothing if not a man of secrets. While sometimes those secrets are innocuous, as in his tight-lipped refusal to discuss the events surrounding his “exist” from the Village Voice, others carry with them the unmistakable air of willful malfeasance. Example: Ortega’s secret overseas bride, Fatimah Suryono Ortega, whose questionable legal status in the U.S. Ortega worked hard to keep hidden.

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Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Katherine McBride aka Mary McConnell

Katherine Mary McBride, from Hancock MD, is a woman of multiple online personalities. However, her favorite fake name is Mary McConnell. She is also one of Tony Ortega’s unreliable sources.

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Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Marc Headley

The next group of Ortega’s unreliable sources follow in the same vein as his earlier ones – they brought a lawsuit against the Church, lost it, were ordered to pay costs, tried to avoid paying by bringing an appeal, lost that, ended up having to pay. Deadbeat losers, but classic Ortega fanatics.

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Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Karen de la Carriere

Ortega’s next top notch unreliable source is Karen de la Carriere who can best be described as a retired mistress for hire. De la Carriere has a long history of mental instability, starting when she came to England from India in their early 1960s. To support herself she worked as a Casino croupier and a call girl, which included having a long-term sexual arrangement with a British parliamentary advisor, where she was set up with a posh apartment, expensive clothing and 250 GBP per month to be available on call whenever her services were needed.

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Ortega and The Raw Story

If you’ve heard the name Tony Ortega, chances are it’s from his public “exit” as editor of the Village Voice — a publication which found itself in hot water when it was revealed they’d been advertising the services of known sex-traffickers in their seedy ‘Backpage’ section. Ortega lobbied hard for the Village Voice’s right to earn ad revenue from the sex trade but after several nasty online spats, including twitter exchanges with Ashton Kutcher. In the end, Ortega “left” the Village Voice. Unemployed, Ortega was to…

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Yellow Blogging

In the almost 50 years since Edward R. Murrow died we’ve witnessed a slow decline in journalism. Perhaps this was inevitable given ever-shortening attention spans, increased appetite for sensationalism, and overall industry trends toward taking every shortcut possible in order to feed a growing demand for “info-tainment.” Tony Ortega’s blogging, however, represents a new low.

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הבלוגר האובססיבי

ב – 7 דצמבר 2000, טוני אורטגה עשה כתבה בשביל הNEW TIMES LA בשם “סקס, מרגלים ווידאוטייפ“. שם הוא ניסה להכפיש מומחים בנושא של MK-ULTRA (שם קוד למחקר סודי של ה-CIA שנערך בניגוד לחוק וכלל ניסויים בבני אדם). אחד הקוראים של העיתון כתב ואמר:

“מלבד חוסר האובייקטיביות של טוני אורטגה,

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The Obsessive Blogger

On December 7, 2000, Tony Ortega wrote an article for the New Times L.A. entitled Sex, Spies & Videotape where he tried to discredit experts on the subject of MK-Ultra. A reader wrote to the paper and said: “Besides Tony Ortega’s lack of objectivity, his story of MK-Ultra is inaccurate and misleading.” The writer then gave a detailed account of how Ortega got it all wrong and was writing on a subject of which he knew nothing.

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The Theft Cover Up

The following information was provided by someone who decided to step forward and reveal how the late John Joseph was involved in stealing mail from a church in Arizona and provided the stolen mail to Karen de la Carriere and Tony Ortega.

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