How an Attempted Murderer Becomes a Hero, According to Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega makes a hero out of Arnaldo (Arnie) Pagliarini Lerma, who attempted to murder his wife, Ginger Sugerman, before killing himself on March 16, 2018.

Hypocrisy is the operative word when it comes to Tony Ortega and his followers. Some say Lerma was a “hero” and others that he was an attempted murderer.

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Developer of False Leads

We have it from reliable sources that Tony Ortega is considered a notorious developer of false leads and fake news by a large group of New York journalists. Following are just a couple of examples of his conduct that demonstrate why.

When evaluating information, we are often admonished to “consider the source.”

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The Chronic Sexter

Lisa Eager, Cassie Robar and Madeline Fineman

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Backpage dot com Complicity


Tony Ortega was a longtime employee and confidant of James Larkin and Michael Lacey. Ortega was an employee of various New Times publications from 1995 until being promoted to Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice in approximately March 2007, a position he held until September 2012. He earned this promotion for his vigorous support

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הג’יגולו המובטל

שאלות רבות עולות לגבי טרול האינטרנט בשם טוני אורטגה. השאלות מסתובבות כבר המון זמן, וכולנו שמענו אותם, מהדברים החשודים ועד לדברים המזיקים. כדי להציג את כולם כאן ייקח זמן רב מדי להיום, אז אנחנו הולכים להתמקד בשאלה מיוחדת ומסקרנת מאוד שנראה שהיא נשאלת בתדירות גבוהה יותר בימים אלו: איך זה שטוני

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