Tony Ortega’s Internet Scavenger


Roderick “Rod” Keller scours the social media pages of people he hates, snatches the photographs of their children or anything else he can grab and then feeds it to his master, Tony Ortega.

Keller describes himself as, “Irresponsible publisher, vision of destruction and mental bully.” He also claims to be a senior reporter,

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Past as Prologue

Tony Ortega at the time of his expulsion from Savannna High School

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Praising Roger Friedman

Tony Ortega has praised columnist Roger Friedman numerous times for defaming Scientology at every opportunity. It might even be fair to say both Ortega and Friedman are consumed by the same mudslinging obsession.

Friedman began his “Showbiz411” column in April 2009 after getting fired by Fox News, tellingly enough for downloading

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Former mouthpiece Tony Ortega tries to put up a new look


Six years after losing his job at the Village Voice, Tony Ortega remains unemployed. While Ortega describes himself as “a dude and a laptop”, he is living off of his wife’s United Nations salary. Kept men have no shame.

Ortega is obsessed over Scientology and Scientologists which he stalks on a regular

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Tony Ortega’s cash cow

Finding a cash cow and squeezing it for all it’s worth has been a running theme in the life of Tony Ortega. We’ve discussed how as Editor of The Village Voice, Ortega would, with outspoken regularity, defend his right to pimp out underage sex workers in order to keep generating the ad

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BACKPAGE: Back with a vengeance

Micheal Wolf is a name you’ve probably heard in the wake of his explosive exposé on the current American president, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse”. However, years before Wolf would become a household name for the role he played in laying bare corruption at the highest level, he was focusing his

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Tony Ortega covered up Sex Crimes while at the Village Voice

The fight over whether or not Backpage dot com (formerly part of Village Voice Media) is responsible for the content of sex ads placed on its site by pimps and prostitutes and whether it is complicit in sex trafficking is over.

In a stunning reversal, Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer admitted that,

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Can we talk for a second about the elephant in the room?

Once a champion of’s “anything goes” policy towards underage sex trafficking, Tony Ortega seems curiously mum on the topic since federal authorities — including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, five other federal agencies, and four state agencies — raided the site permanently forcing its closure.

Could it be that Ortega

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Tony Ortega defense of Sex Trafficking

Tony Ortega is accountable for his support, defense and marketing of Backpage dot com.

Nicholas Kristof once wrote in response to the Village Voices (under Tony Ortega leadership) attacks against anyone exposing Backpage dot com.

“I’ve been an admirer of Village Voice over the years, including its great reporting on police abuses. But it’s

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Where did Tony Ortega Salary come from?

When you are done reading the following New York Times article you know where Tony Ortega six figures salary came from.

Backpage CEO Pleads Guilty to Laundering Money Using Cryptocurrencies