“Scoop” Ortega the Hatchet Job boy

Hatchet jobs is something Tony Ortega learned at a young age. When he was the editor of the High School paper he liked to be called “Scoop”, but they should have called him “Hatchet” which is more fitting to his personality and style of blogging.

Here is a letter to the

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The Career Path Less Traveled By

In September 2012 Tony Ortega was fired from The Village Voice for, among other things, his obsessive blogging about Scientology and Scientologists. Ortega would loudly declare to anyone willing to listen that he had chosen to “resign” in order to devote more time to writing an anti-Scientology book—as if there were some

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Would the Real Tony Ortega Please Stand Up

Given his peerless record of marathon unemployment, finding news about Tony Ortega can be a bit of a challenge. Once upon a time he might have been the number one hit for any given Google search of the phrase “Tony Ortega scandal”. Nowadays he doesn’t even make the top five. Today I thought you

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Letter from a reader


An unexpected reader wrote to us the following letter.

“I was doing a search on a particular individual and I stumbled across your blog and read the article “Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Karen de la Carriere”.

Your article doesn’t begin to explain what a cold, evil, vicious and fake individual Karen de la

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Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story

Trolls have been around almost as long as the Internet. Even in its early days as a decentralized computer network connecting academics and government agencies, Internet trolls have sought to use the platform to spread their petty hate.

Tony Ortega, who has a well documented history of a wide variety of trolling everyone from

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Tony Ortega’s policy: If you can’t win the argument with facts, start slinging dirt


Back before certain voices in the current political administration began attacking Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice, Rod Rosenstein, in an apparent attempt to discredit him, another desperate voice sought to similarly influence the narrative surrounding an on-going investigation through mudslinging. The name of that seemingly prescient propagandist? Tony

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The reviews are in

With all the talk lately about Tony Ortega’s prolonged joblessness and chronic unemployment, it seemed like a worthwhile idea to check in on what Tony has been up to lately. Searches of major media outlets, publishing houses and even small time gossip blogs have yet to yield up a single hit. So deafening is

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When will Ortega meet RICO?

The Village Voice was having problems. The paper had just yet another round of layoffs as part of a nationwide cull by its parent company. Its future prospects were looking so dim, the Voice began to rely almost exclusively on sex and drug ads to stay solvent. It was so desperate for revenue that

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Tony Ortega’s Whataboutism

These days in the news we hear a lot about ‘Whataboutism’, it’s a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy which attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving what it is they are saying. It’s a pernicious line of argument particularly associated with Soviet and

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Sordid Secretive Scandal

Back before the scandal surrounding the demise of the Village Voice, before Tony Ortega’s bosses, Michael Lacey and James Larkin, in Phoenix began destroying all the evidence they could that might implicate them in the global sex scandal spiraling so out of control lengthy prison sentences seemed the only plausible outcome… Back before

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