Egotism Unchained

This week we’ve been taking an extensive view of the details of Tony Ortega’s Twitter past and today we conclude with a real humdinger.

Spend any amount of time trying to make sense of the chaotic nonsense that chokes Tony Ortega’s Twitter feed and you’ll quickly realize two things — Number one: There’s

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The Most Important Thing on The Internet

Recently we commented on the delusions of the likes of so-called ‘critics’ Leah Remini and Tony Ortega, suggesting that they spin the narrative and manipulate their audiences in order to present themselves as somehow being authorities on the subject of their obsessive witch hunt.

Well, leave it to Tony O., who in less

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Tony Ortega Attacks Police

These days there is a lot of talk about “conspiracy theories”. We hear about them in our election politics, read about them in financial revelations like the Panama Papers, and watch them unfold in the MeToo Movement in Hollywood.

Savvy manipulators of this mindset like Leah Remini and her

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Tony Ortega’s Bad News From YouTube

Hot on the tails of our latest tip about Tony Ortega’s floundering Youtube channel, we checked in with the good folks over at Socialblade to do a deep dive on his actual numbers. What we found surprised even us.

As reported previously, Tony Ortega’s rating is a C+. While we certainly feel any

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Tony Ortega’s Cross-platform Hate

You may remember when we recently called Tony Ortega to task for the truly monumental dive in popularity his Twitter suffered, as reported by the social media watchdog of record “” earlier this year. So large was the mass migration of online eyes from Tony Ortega’s online platforms that it lead to

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Tony Ortega’s Misogynist Tweet Spree

Well it’s been a busy 24 hours for Tony Ortega’s Twitter. In what we’ve come to see as the classic Ortega ‘riding the coat-tails’ strategy, Tony seems to be trying to cash in on what scant little buzz Leah Remini’s show can still generate these days to try and hawk his self-published (self-plagiarized?) blog

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Tony Ortega: Early-Onset Old Fogey

When Tony Ortega isn’t busy tweeting about Crab Nebulas or obsessively cataloging Scientology donors by the size of their giving, he lives a pretty lonely life. Maybe it comes with the territory. Being an obsessive recluse with rage management control issues doesn’t tend to lead toward a flourishing social life.

So it’s

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Forgotten by Donors, Ortega Lashes Out

While it is no secret Tony Ortega has long been famously obsessed with Scientology, his second preoccupation these days, as a chronically unemployed/unemployable deadbeat, is with money.

Even a quick glance at the Tony Ortega blog, is enough to tell you all you need to know about his lust for cold hard cash. His little

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Leah Remini’s Atheist Agenda

Fallout continues following the stunning rebuttal of Leah Remini’s abhorrent television series in the form of the Green Lighting hate video which surfaced earlier this week.

Many critics have noted the staggering drop in viewership over Remini’s show the past couple seasons. It seems the folks over at A&E have decided to double down on

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