Backpage and the New Form of Slavery

Despite Tony Ortega’s best efforts at defending Backpage, no one (not even Ortega) can make an argument that sex trafficking is positive.

We often get asked here on the blog about sex trafficking and exactly how Backpage and its defenders like Tony Ortega sought to profit of this despicable practice. Today we thought

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Being Trafficked Is Not a Choice

Yesterday we started by taking a closer look just what it is we mean by ‘sex-trafficking’ as it pertains to the disgusting and sinister platform created by Backpage and defended by lowlife yes-men like Tony Ortega.

When peeling away the onion on this vast and complex web of criminality Backpage made possible, we

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Constant State of Danger

Federal prosecutors are seeking a 40-year prison sentence for a Chicago pimp convicted of sex trafficking an underage girl allegedly killed by a client, saying he used the bodies of the vulnerable young girls he recruited “like his personal ATM machine.”

Prosecutors wrote in a court filing Tuesday demanding the particularly harsh sentence:

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“The Game”

Up until now we’ve seen a veritable parade of anonymous pimps, human traffickers, and the lowest of the low who would defend them. For the most they have been faceless unknowns. Shady drifters and lowlifes. But the dangerous reach of human trafficking extends beyond categories of wealth or class.

We have received news

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Maximum Sentencing

This past week we helped break the story of what we hope will become a new trend in sentencing Backpage-related crimes: maximum sentencing.

Today, we received word of another encouraging development after it was announced Wednesday that prosecutors will be seeking life terms for two men in Fort Worth who pleaded guilty to

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FBI Testimony Damns Backpage

A few days ago, Steven M. D’Antuono, Acting Deputy Assistant Director for the Criminal Investigative Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation testified before before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. on combating illicit financing by anonymous shell companies.

While statements before the Urban Affairs committee is generally

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Latest Backpage Bust Suggests New Avenue For Catching Human Trafficking Conspirators: Texting History

There has been no shortage of disheartening news for the bad-faith operators behind the infamous Backpage underage sex trafficking scheme vociferously advocated by Tony Ortega and other spineless lackies who stood up to defend the indefensible.

This past weekend news of a warrant application leaked to media outlets in Florida for the arrest

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Tony Ortega & The Peril of Warning Signs

This week we have been looking at the staggering number of recent convictions surrounding women and young girls who have been trafficked for the explicit purpose of being sold for sex.

Backpage profited off of its scheme to sell pimps advertising to the tune of more than half a billion dollars during its

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Backpage Exploits Runaway in Rhode Island

We knew from the beginning that tentacle reach Backpage’s shadowy human trafficking ring extended far and wide and yet the breadth of it’s vile influence across the nation continues to come as a shock to us as day by day new horror stories of real life people impacted by its depravity emerge.


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Tony Ortega & Backpage: Self-Described “Extremists”

When the story of the Backpage, owned and operated by Tony Ortega’s beloved former employers, is finally written it will be a harrowing tale. And it’s likely to come with an NC-17 rating.

The sordid legacy of the world’s one-time leading human trafficking website is not for the change of heart. Its stomach-turning

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