Million Dollar Madame 

As rich as Backpage’s founders, Michael Lacey, James Larkin and Carl Ferrer became as a result of their disastrous foray into the world of online child sex-trafficking, the massive generation of cash selling children for sex was hardly limited to the fat cats at the top of the pyramid scheme.

News broke this

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Backpage Smashes Glass Ceiling!

Reading through the litany of charges against all those who participated in the Backpage scam – from the kingpins at the top, to the hapless lackeys like Tony Ortega, to the rank and file pimps on the street – the vast majority of the accused have been men.

In the MeToo era this

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Backpage Evades Justice (For Now)

With all the success we’ve been having with recent developments in the dismantling and subsequent prosecution of the Backpage crime syndicate it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that there is still a long way to go before the kingpins and their willing lapdogs like Tony Ortega are brought to justice.

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Tony Ortega’s Driving Fear

Yesterday we looked at how Tony Ortega was used as a ‘tool’ of the devious individuals behind Backpage. He was what the Soviet propagandists used to call, “a useful idiot”, a political term used to describes a person who, through manipulation, is useful to a cause that is not their own despite not fully

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Tony Ortega: Small Mind, Small Heart

Recently we covered the embarrassing series of mock attacks made by failed, basement-dwelling blogger Tony Ortega on the charitable work Scientology has embarked upon in the days and weeks since hurricane Dorian leveled the Bahamas.

Readers will remember how Tony Ortega, with his idiotic bravado-fueled confidence, laughed at the very idea Scientology would

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Tony Ortega: “Useful” Idiot

Having read enough of the first-hand, personal stories of underage girls who were “groomed”, often over substantial periods of time, we here at the blog have gained something of an understanding of the dark seductive power used by pimps to lure their victims into service.

We have commented in the past how this

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Petulant Silence: Backpage Crime Syndicate Takes The Fifth

“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

The above quote could equally apply to the criminals behind the prostitution syndicate know as Backpage.

Last year when the ‘very much for-profit’ advertising website Backpage shuttered its adult ads section, it left in its way bewildered escorts, sex

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Meet David Azzato: The Off-shore Force behind Backpage’s Successors

Recently we reported to you the strange turn of events which lead to both the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security joining the fight against Backpage, almost a year after the monstrous syndicate was seized and shuttered by federal authorities.

New information out today suggests that both the DOJ and

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Tony Ortega’s Insider

Rachel Bernstein

Update: The case against Rachel Bernstein is still pending.

Consider the case of Tony Ortega insiders, Rachel Bernstein. You might remember here as the would-be “councilor” who infamously attacked and smeared a mother whose daughter had tragically committed suicide using Tony Ortega’s “blame the victims” rhetoric. It was disgusting,

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Dept. of Homeland Security Takes on the Backpage Boom

What a rocky year it has been for Tony Ortega and his sex trafficking pals over at Backpage. In some respects it’s almost difficult to fathom that a year has passed since the CEO of classified ads website, Carl Ferrer, pleaded guilty to federal charges and the site was permanently shut

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