“I’m Kool With Her Being Young”:  The Backpage Pimp Saga Continues

Following on a story we first reported to our readers earlier, more details have emerged about the particularly shady Backpage-inspired crime involving a pimp in Wichita, Kansas who recruited a 15 year old girl to scout other potential underage girls for sex trafficking.

It seems the story, like the sordid tale of Backpage

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The Latest Backpage Pimp To Fall

Another lowlife pimp, this one known as “Cadillac Black”, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for trafficking two underage girls this week. It will come as no surprise to our regular readers to discover “Cadillac Black” used Backpage.com to advertise the young girls as prostitutes.

Christopher Hamlett, 26, also known as

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Hate and Bigotry

We live in a country besieged by religious intolerance. We read about it daily in the national headlines, see it again and again on the nightly news. Indeed, according to an FBI report, hate crimes have risen yet again, marking a third straight year of rises (up 17 percent.) Tellingly, one out

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Tony Ortega Mocks Disaster Relief Efforts

Tony Ortega, opportunist that he is, took full advantage of the tragedy of Hurricane Dorian this past week to further his campaign to smear Scientology. It really is stunning the lengths to which someone as petty and self-centered as Tony Ortega will go to make an already bad situation even worse.

In the

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Pimps and Perverts

The Internet has long been a marketplace for the sex trade, one where the now mercifully defunct website, Backpage was justly demonized as a hotbed for illegal activity, including child sex trafficking.

We’ve seen time and again how Tony Ortega and his pals defended Backpage, at times even picking very public fights bemoaning

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What Losers Do Best

Tony Ortega and Karen De La Carriere

With the death of the mysterious sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein so much in the news this past week, one seemingly minor question continues to confound news sources. Who was financing Epstein’s lifestyle? With no job to speak of, no sources of income, no vast inheritance from

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