Tony’s Ortega: Fictitious Misadventures in Journalism

Fake news illustration by Frederick Burr Opper, 1894

Looking into Tony Ortega’s history is not for the faint of heart. We should know, we’ve been plumbing the depths of that very sordid affair in which Tony Ortega made his underhanded gambit to focus international attention on himself (big surprise!) by accusing a billionaire named

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Tony Ortega’s Fake News: Publish and Be Damned

We told you about the royal wedding of William and Kate and how the unchecked chaos of yet another in a seemingly endless torrent of fraudulent stories by Tony Ortega almost derailed the whole event.

One question we’ve been getting since that piece first posted is exactly how Tony Ortega tried to justify the obvious

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Tony Ortega & the Royal Wedding Debacle

We talk a lot here on the blog about Tony Ortega’s crimes against journalism and let’s face it, we have more than our fair share of damning examples to choose from. Whether writing fabricated stories under a false name about rape victims getting their own TV show or being an all too willing stooge for

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A History of Exploitative Lies

In a recent article we examined Tony Ortega’s checkered history of phony #PayAttentionToME journalism. We mentioned in that piece Tony’s penchant for utilizing purposefully misleading ‘clickbait’ tactics in which sensationalized versions of stories are crafted in order to trick readers so as to increase traffic.

Today yet another example of Tony Ortega’s fabricating gross denationalization

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Tony Clickbait Ortega

Look back over the regrettable career of Tony Ortega and you will find it is littered with trashy, fabricated stories aimed chiefly toward uneducated readers of free alt weekly newspapers and online gossip blogs.

Tony Ortega’s inventions have ranged from fake stories about fake people, to wackadoo claims designed to smear and defame. It’s all

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“What the Hell Was This Guy Doing Running the Village Voice?”

“What the hell is this guy doing running the Village Voice?” That was a question on everyone’s lips the day Tony Ortega took over the role as Editor-in-Chief at the Village Voice. To see Tony Ortega stalking the same halls as Sidney Schanberg, Nat Hentoff, Robert Christegau, Jules Feiffer, and a lot of other eminent

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Tony Ortega: Thin-skinned Hack

It’s one of the weird paradoxes of Tony Ortega – for someone so perpetually hostile and offensive, his skin is surprisingly thin when anyone deigns to criticize him. He gets especially petulant anytime his credentials and credibility are questioned. (And for a guy like Ortega this must certainly happen a lot!)

We hinted

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Tony Ortega’s Undercooked Arguments

By the time James Larkin and Michael Lacey, the infamous child pimp runners of the Village Voice, finally kicked Tony Ortega to the curb it was already too late. The damage had been done and the bulk of their crimes were soon become a matter of public record.

One might be tempted to

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Subpoenaing Tony Ortega

It all happened back when Ortega found himself subpoenaed to testify after he attempted to smear a man named Bruce McMahan in a hit-piece story for the Village Voice entitled “Memo to Bruce McMahan”. In classic Tony Ortega style, the ‘story’ was replete with half-truths, manufactured stories and outright lies. It was this ham-fisted attempt

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“Congress hauled in Craigslist on September 15, 2010. There, feminists, religious zealots, the well-intentioned, law enforcement, and social-service bureaucrats pilloried the online classified business for peddling “100,000 to 300,000” underage prostitutes annually. Those same numbers had already inspired terrified politicians, who let loose hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade to prohibitionists bent

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