If Tony Ortega Were A Real Journalist

Recently we took a look at a sampling of responses to Tony Ortega’s early work, while trying to make a name for himself as a tabloid journalist.

We’ve noted how uncanny it is that even close to two decades ago, all the of the red flags today commonly associated with Tony Ortega were

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Tony Ortega’s “Half Cocked”

The deeper we look into the public’s assessment of Tony Ortega’s troubling professional past the clearer it becomes just what a hack Tony Ortega really is.

We’ve pointed out how nearly a decade before Tony Ortega was canned from his role as chief propaganda officer for Backpage, he was causally exploiting teens using

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Tony Ortega And Fake Journalism

It appears as if our current series exploring how Tony Ortega’s really feel about his journalistic ethics is beginning to take off. It seems so many of Tony Ortega’s critics (past and a present) have been waiting for the opportunity to tell Ortega what they really think of him and his work.


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The Twisted Fictions of A Self-important Bigot

Well, it seems we may have opened the floodgates here with our recent stories regarding Tony Ortega’s lack of journalistic integrity. We here at the offices are finding ourselves somewhat overwhelmed at the moment by readers sending us further examples of Tony Ortega’s complete lack of professionalism.

Each example of

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“Sex On the Breach”

We’ve getting lots of positive responses on the recent articles we’ve published exposing Tony Ortega’s the various false stories and hoaxes he’s attempted to perpetrate over the years. But it’s not just great feedback we’ve been getting in the wake of these stories, we’ve also been getting some great tips about other examples of

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Another Bogus Tony Ortega Story

We recently published an article about Tony Ortega’s unethical “journalism” behavior, highlighting two of his more egregious newspaper fabricated stories. Following that story several eagle-eyed readers were quick to point out that we’d missed another glaring example of Tony Ortega’s print-based lies.

This next piece of the story picks up not long after

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Tony Ortega The New Times Liar

Tony Ortega’s early days at the New Times

Unemployed blogger Tony Ortega might falsely claim these days to be a journalist “At-Large”, but the fact of the matter is that even when he had an actual paying job, Tony Ortega was nothing more than a liar.

Remember early in Tony Ortega’s

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Million Dollar Questions

Without doubt, the question we most often get asked here on the blog is, “Why isn’t Tony Ortega in jail already?!”

Believe us we understand your frustration in this, especially considering Tony Ortega’s bosses have already been outfitted with ankle monitors as they await their respective upcoming trials on a veritable laundry list

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“A Forest of Dead Wood”

Tony Ortega is probably best known as the propaganda minister for the role he played as chief defender of the notorious illicit prostitution and child sex trafficking website, Backpage during its debauched heyday as the world’s most infamous online brothel.

Readers of this blog will remember how Backpage was raided and forcibly shut

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The Pimp and The Pyramid Scheme

We have written about Tony Ortega and the economic incentive he had in maintaining the Backpage hierarchy of pimps controlling the victims they exploited. We suggested in that piece that Tony Ortega was a willing participant in this scheme, unlike the many nameless victims Backpage took advantage of as it generated hundreds of millions

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