The Cruelty and Ego of An Ignorant Scumbag

Last week we broke the story of how Tony Ortega and his gang of fellow low-life thugs broke into a party being hosted by a political figure Tony Ortega was in the midst of smear campaign against in order to harass and intimidate all in attendance.

As we reported the story had all the classic elements of duplicity and malevolence we’ve come to expect from Ortega: manufactured outrage, subterfuge, fake aliases, bullying, and a commitment to doing as much political damage via character assassination as he could get away with.

But after the dust settles, these idiots decide to do something even dumber than trying to force their way into a private event hosted on private property — they write an article about it and give the world a play-by-play of every step of their botched hijacking!

The brazen stupidity of the whole plot almost defies belief! In fact, more than one staffer here at the blog has commented that it would be patently unbelievable were it anyone other than Tony Ortega behind the underhanded scheme!

One of the clearest themes of this ‘after action’ report Tony gives his readers following the failed attempt to overthrow the party is one of delusional projection. We’ve written to you before about Tony Ortega’s penchant for accusing others of the very things he and his ilk are guilty of but this misadventure takes the cake.

To quote the article’s conclusion:

“This is the tone of the entire evening The party is a festival of lies, and the moral degenerates who make up the audience applaud every lie that’s spouted from the stage.”

Wait a second, your shambolic band of would-be insurgents lie about their identities and their motivations in storming the event yet it’s the party that’s a ‘festival of lies’ filled with ‘moral degenerates’?! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Tony Ortega and his cohort don’t seem to understand the irony (let alone the hypocrisy) of this position, however. Far from it.

In fact, they actually double down on the name calling, explaining:

And make no mistake–these people are scumbags. You can make excuses for them–that they’re well-meaning, but just poorly informed because of their cloistered lives. But such excuses are lame.… If they’re ignorant, it’s because they choose to be. And tonight they’re here to celebrate brutality, to pay homage to a man notable only for his cruelty and ego.

The entire paragraph above — taken directly from the article written by Ortega’s co-conspirator’s mind you! — is nothing less than a word for word description of Tony Ortega and the people he surrounds himself with.

Scumbag. Ignorant. Cruelty and Ego.

Let’s face it, there’s no one here at the blog who could do a better job picking four words to describe Tony Ortega’s whole persona than he and his instigators do themselves.

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