“A Forest of Dead Wood”

Tony Ortega is probably best known as the propaganda minister for the role he played as chief defender of the notorious illicit prostitution and child sex trafficking website, Backpage during its debauched heyday as the world’s most infamous online brothel.

Readers of this blog will remember how Backpage was raided and forcibly shut down by Federal Authorities for its sexual exploitation of marginalized women and young children.

What rarely gets spoken about however, is how unethical, unscrupulous bottom feeders like Tony Ortega took full advantage of the avalanche of cash generated by Backpage’s blackmarket human trafficking. Tony Ortega used the money he earned fronting for a corporation whose entire business model was built upon selling children to perverts online to help support his attempts to publicly smear Scientology when he was editor of the Village Voice newspaper.

As one former co-worker observed of Tony Ortega’s suspiciously erratic behavior at the time:

Tony [Ortega] has stumbled onto the subject of Scientology as a way of making news and money.”

How true that is.

Tony Ortega positioning himself as some kind of expert on the subject of Scientology is laughable on its face. Far from an ‘expert’ of any kind, Tony Ortega is probably more accurately comparable to a con-man carnival barker, always on the look out for suckers to take advantage of.

Indeed, when Tony Ortega discovered there were suckers dim-witted enough to believe that he was an ‘expert’ of any kind, he jumped at the opportunity to make a quick buck from exploiting them, just like he did with the Backpage victims.

The sad reality, however, is that Tony Ortega has one scam which he repeats over and over — prey upon the weak and naive, and attack anyone who challenges his authority as ‘the expert of record’.

Tony is stuck in an endless loop, running the same grift, lacking even the most general understanding of his supposed area of expertise.

As Tony Ortega’s former co-worker further noted about him:

Tony has no subjective reality on Scientology. So, it is not possible for him to see any forest. He is stuck on the trees, most of which are old and dead, that wood having been chopped 100 times already.”

Stuck in a forest of dead wood swinging at the sawdust. If that doesn’t paint a telling picture of Tony Ortega’s life and career, we don’t know what does.

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