A House of Cards, It’s All About Money

On what was surely one of the more infamous of moments on Leah Remini’s show was that time she sat in a round table with a ‘brain trust’ of kooks, including infamous and violent deprogrammer  Steve Hassan, who brazenly, claimed they were on a mission to destroy a religion.

But because so many of Leah’s viewers buy into angry, hysterical accusations of unsubstantiated allegations one must ask the simple question: With all the resources at Reminis disposal where is the evidence?

Shouldn’t her viewers have seen some of this evidence exposed instead of paid clowns playing victims shedding fake tears?

Can we assume that this means they can’t find any?

And if they can’t find any, don’t they have a moral obligation to admit as much?

Instead they have chosen to release a fire hose of hatred, cruelty, and even threats of implied violence towards a religion. It is a disgusting and, frankly, dangerous dereliction of “journalistic” duty.

At the faucet of this firehose of hate and anger directed at a religion, which Leah Remini and Mike Rinder intentionally crank up to the gale force of Hurricane Irma to support their flimsy claims, there is only one motive grab their check and move one with the next hate campaign.

It bears repeating — For all the bluster and moral outrage they have provided, they have given exactly zero evidence.

So when will Remini and Rinder admit this?

The answer: Never.

The fact is they need viewers, especially after the Emmy fiasco. And in order to get viewers they need to manipulate the truth in such a way as to continually outrage the public to keep them tuning in. And by coming clean and admitting that they cannot find any evidence it would reveal all their hysterical claims for what they really are – a house of cards in a windstorm.

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