A Liar Or A Self Admitted Rapist?

Karen de la Carriere and Ron Miscavige Sr

From time to time here at the blog we feature Tony Ortega’s  unreliable sources who always claim they are telling the truth.


No, it’s an assault on truth by providing an altered reality.

Case in point, recently a posting authored a few years ago by Karen de la Carriere became the subject of discussion on various social media platforms.

On the  21st of February 2014, Karen de la Carriere posted on on message board that Ron Miscavige Sr. confided in her that he had raped a girl in Philadelphia. De la Carriere told the story as follows:

I have another story of Ron Miscavige senior. I had totally absolutely forgotten it, but Ron M. himself jogged my memory. It was Int. Base in the late 80s. I was being held against will, the world was BLACK, I was in misery to say the least. I ran into Ron M. outside Del Sol. He saw the look on my face. I had lost 25lbs in 3 months and had a haunted look.

“Karen,” he said “All is not lost, cheer up.” He gave me some comforting words. (We knew each other from St. Hill) “Remember how you helped me at the Flag Land Base in 1976 ?” “No, I don’t recall” I said sullenly. My mood was in the depths of depression. “I told you how I was all fucked up, my life was done, I had royally fucked up” ~~ he described how he had lost it and raped a girl in Philadelphia. And you said “come on Ron, come on, all is not lost, cheer up ! Are you trying to tell me your life is over over one outrageous incident ?” He was trying to say my life was not over because of one outrageous incarceration at INT base. The tables had turned. In 1976 I was trying to cheer him up and make him see long range. In 1988 he was trying to cheer me up and make me see long range. There was a lot more said back and forth but that’s the essence of it. Miscavige later had the Philadelphia records tampered with and expunged so the rape record was deleted.”

These are the screenshots posted on social media:

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