A loser on two-wheel looking for attention

Tony Ortega landed Saturday, July 28, 2018, at Gatwick airport. He arrived in London by 2:00pm where he rented a road bike and began his trip. He stuck out as his usual arrogant self and not much of a tourist. At Forest Gate Ortega met his first British cult follower, Mark Parry-Maddocks also known as “Mark”.

Tony Ortega and Mark Parry-Maddocks

 Sunday, July 29, late afternoon, according to James V. Jones, Ortega arrived in Oxford and checked into a hotel, which Ortega believed to have been a questionable hotel. In the early evening Ortega toured Oxford University including the Sheldonian Theatre.

Tony Ortega and James V. Jones

Monday, July 30, Ortega, pretending to be someone who is important but that no one cares about, arrived in Bath, where he met with “Eivol” and “Juicer” (we are saving their real names for our next article).


Tuesday July 31, Ortega arrived at the Dorset home of self-proclaimed publisher of failed authors, Humfrey Hunter.

Humfrey Hunter

 Thursday, August 2, Ortega met with David Bean from the British Parliament PRU.

David Bean and Tony Ortega

Ortega announced that he was leaving the United Kingdom and heading to another destination.

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