A Shameless Cocoon Of Lies, Lies, Lies

Over the course of this week, we’ve been watching how the events over the course of a single day in October of 2016 would be the death knell for Backpage, signaling the end of its rampant under-age sex trafficking empire and the shameless cocoon of lies Tony Ortega spun in their defense.

Now that fateful Thursday was drawing to a close and the curtain was about to fall on the entire Backpage pimping syndicate. But the propaganda brigade that Ortega once spear-headed had one last trick up its sleeve — lies, lies, and still more lies.

7:15 p.m.

By that evening attorneys for Backpage were at DefCon 1, haranguing whatever news outlets would give them time in order to blast the raid on Backpage as simply “an election year stunt” on the part of the California attorney general and “not a good-faith action by law enforcement.”

It seems the people whose thinking most mirrored the deceptive pro-Backpage propaganda Tony Ortega had for so long been regurgitating were those, like Tony himself, who were too busy getting paid to worry about who was being victimized by their lustful greed.

In a statement eerily reminiscent of Tony Ortega’s manufactured outrage against critics of Backpage, general counsel Liz McDougall said:

[T]he actions of the California and Texas attorneys general are flatly illegal” and “ignore the holdings of numerous federal courts that the First Amendment protects the ads on Backpage.

Echoing Tony Ortega’s rabidly pro-Backpage rhetoric, McDougall vowed Backpage empire would in her words:

“…take all steps necessary to end this frivolous prosecution and will pursue its full remedies under federal law against the state actors who chose to ignore the law, as it has done successfully in other cases.

But as we have seen in the years since that fateful day, McDougall’s imagined reality was in no way close to being accurate. One would think a professional in her position would understand amount of bloviated threats or attempted intimidation could change the facts. (Perhaps pig-headed ignorance is another attribute she shares with Ortega?) 

The simple fact is the government’s prosecution of Backpage and its conspirators for their vile campaign to sell children and vulnerable women to internet perverts for sex was anything but frivolous.  

It was from the beginning a matter of justice for the victims of Backpage, not the ‘flatly illegal’ witch hunt aimed at curtailing the ‘First Amendment rights’ of underage sex profiteers McDougal, Ortega et al would have you believe.

No matter how hard they try to spin the facts or fool the public when it comes to Backpage, the fake outrage generated by the likes of McDougall and Ortega will not be the final word on the subject. 

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