“Ad hoc, Unconvincing, And Reeking Of Desperation”

In our last blog post we took a look back on the events of a single day four years ago which marked the beginning of the end for Backpage and the dime-store hype-men like Tony Ortega, paid to keep the public in the dark about the sex trafficking scheme they were running. 

Zero hour began at first light on Oct 6 with the arrest of the Backpage Chief Executive Officer Carl Ferrer on a slew of felony charges from pimping minors to conspiracy. It was the first event in what would prove to be a ruinous day for Tony Ortega’s bosses.

 10:20 a.m.

By 10:20 that morning, the state of Texas issued a search warrant affidavit accusing the Backpage heads of engaging in money laundering while operating the child sex advertising web portal.

Immediately the Dallas headquarters of Backpage were searched yielding box after box of incriminating evidence the FBI has been diligently pouring over since 2016. 

11:50 a.m.

An hour and a half later, Ferrer refuses extradition from Texas to California after being accused of still further pimping charges in that state. Prosecutors in California demand he appear in court on these charges. 

Through his attorney,  Philip Hilder, Ferrer makes he extraordinary claim that the slew of charges in connection with the Backpage sex racket are in his words, “trumped up.” 

Ad hoc, unconvincing, and reeking of desperation, Ferrer’s weak excuse sure sounds to us a lot more like something which could have come straight from Tony Ortega’s fat mouth during one of his rabid, unhinged attacks on all those ‘moral hysterics’ who feel selling sex with minors ought to be considered a crime of some sort.

Sorry Ortega, not even you could lie your way out of the hot water Backpage now found itself in. 

The time for propaganda and painting Backpage as some sort of falsely accused ‘First Amendment crusader’ had long past. That horse wasn’t just out of the barn. It had bolted from the farm and half-way to interstate.

It must have been a disheartening scene for Tony Ortega and his pimping pals. The Backpage offices had been raided and their records taken away and filed into evidence. Now Tony was watching his co-workers getting arrested — and it wasn’t even lunch time yet!

But the bad luck for Backpage didn’t end there.  

As we shall see, there was nothing even a hired blowhard like Tony Ortega could say that could stop what was coming for the Backpage team before the day was through.  

Stay tuned…

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