#AirelleSilversteinResign: Call To Action

Recently we looked at the very real threat hate speech poses as it runs virtually unchecked across Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Today we thought we’d take a look at one of the more egregious examples of bigotry and intolerance at work today – Tony Ortega’s wife, Arielle Silverstein. 

We’ve covered Arielle Silverstein’s checkered past in previous articles, but for first time readers of this blog let it suffice to say that Tony Ortega’s other half is every bit the obsessive troll her husband is and worse. 

And we don’t throw the phrase “worse than Tony Ortega” around lightly. Arielle earns her distinction by using an even more underhanded tactic than her husband.  

Tony Ortega may have been an unemployed drag on society for the past years but Arielle has been hard at work maintaining a thin veneer of respectability for herself by using her cover as an employee of the United Nations. 

In this capacity Arielle leverages her imagined legitimacy, using her United Nations issued computer to sling insults at a broad swaths of the religiously faithful. She continues the work of her deadbeat husband to denigrate and defame members of minority religions in the country, showing a clearly unhinged racist animosity towards Muslims in particular.

Maybe that’s why we were pleased to see the recent outpouring of support as the hashtag #AirelleSilversteinResign began trending across Twitter. Users from all over the world have had enough of Arielle Silverstein’s vile behavior and now they are beating her at her own social media game.

The wave of online posts and messages ranged from blunt calls for bold action to heartbreaking stories of those personally affected by the polarizing lies Arielle spreads about those who don’t share her hateful ideology. 

It seems some Muslim users even began a petition to stop the bigotry and incessant vilification Arielle has ginned up over the years. People from all walks of life, of all religious perspectives, and political inclinations quickly retweeted and shared links to the online petition, causing the hashtag to become viral worldwide. 

One Twitter poster noted:

“We need to make #ArielleSilversteinResign because of her wickedness, she continues to push out content degrading Islamic believers. It is a behavior that must be stopped. Please RT and help sign this #petition so that #UN takes an action.” 

Another Twitterer agreed, drawing attention to the mockery Arielle typically uses when addressing people she feels herself superior to:

“As a UN attorney, you are supposed to be for our interest, not against us!. You have mocked us while we watched, no more! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!”

But perhaps it was Twitter user ‘Vee’ who put it best saying:

#ArielleSilversteinResign needs to be removed as a UN attorney. She is anti-religion, and over the years she generally and verbally attacks organized religions. We know it takes a lot out of you to keep pushing and keep going, but change is required.

Change is required and removing Arielle Silverstein from her position at the UN would be a welcome first step. 

Have you signed the petition yet?

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