“An Especially Heinous Person”

We’re used to seeing Tony Ortega stories on the bottom wrung of cheap supermarkets, hidden among the dreck of off-brand, tabloids given away free to line the bottoms of birdcages, It’s not often we find Tony Ortega-related stories in the pages of the Military Times, but these are strange days we are living in. 

It caught our attention to read today’s headlines announcing that a former Army Reserve military policeman had just beaen convicted of running a sex trafficking enterprise in North Carolina for five years. 

He was sentenced Thursday to four decades in prison.

We’ve noted in the past how eerily similar the tactics used by pimps seem when compared to the deceptive practices Ortega uses when exploiting ‘sources’ for his so-called ‘journalism’.  In Ortega’s case, as we’ve previously reported, he will pretend to be friend in order to gain the trust of his unsuspecting targets.  As soon as he has them believing he is on their side the bullying, the manipulating, and the strong arm coercion begin. 

It was no different in this this case involving Xaver M. Boston, 31, who coerced victims struggling with opioid addictions to become prostitutes for his profit between 2012 and 2017, according to the Justice Department.

A federal jury in Charlotte initially convicted Boston in 2018 of six counts of sex trafficking and one count of using a website to promote his prostitution enterprise. The trial lasted three days and included testimonies from three victims, two young women and one girl below the age of 18.

It came as no surprise to us to learn the sex trafficking website this criminal preferred was the very one lauded and defended by Tony Ortega — Backpage. It was here he advertised the victims’ services for a wide variety of prostitution and illegal sex acts. on a now defunct website called Backpage. He then collected the proceeds for his own gain. 

Just like Tony Ortega, Boston’s days of earning dirty money through Backpage came to a screeching halt when the site was seized by federal police in April 2018 and the CEO pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to facilitate prostitution using the website.

Robert R. Wells, special agent in charge of the FBI might have been speaking about the convicted felon in the official press release below but as far as we’re concerned he really could have been talking about Tony Ortega when he said:

“It takes an especially heinous person to physically, psychologically and sexually abuse someone…

[His] victims truly believed he was there to help. There is no way of knowing the long term damage he caused to their lives, but we do know for certain he will pay with a lengthy federal prison sentence.”

As with pimps, so with those who aid and abet them — there really is no way of knowing the long term damage they cause to our lives. At least in this case we can rest easy knowing this Backpage scumbag is off the streets for good. 

Now it’s time we go after the criminals who helped make Backpage underage sex trafficking syndicate mainstream! 

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