An Open Letter to a Biased “Journalist”

The open letters continue to flow in regarding Tony Ortega and the bullying ‘journalistic’ tactics. This letter submitted by one of the countless ‘nameless’ sources victimized by Tony Ortega is a particularly damning one showing his deep and bigoted bias.

The letter reads:

Today I want to talk about Tony Ortega. Ive been saying for a number of years now that Tony Ortega is biased as a journalist in his reporting on Scientology. Im not saying that because Im just this vicious troll which is what he told a journalist at the Hollywood Reporter that I was a vicious destructive troll. I know this because the reporter told me that Tony Ortega told him that. LOL

So this is why I say that Tony Ortegas reporting on Scientology is negatively biased. My underlying assumption here, which any journalist should be able to recognize, is that the truth about anything is both the good and the bad of it. Right?

If you were going to tell the truth about Adolf Hitler, for instance, you would tell the truth about all the bad that he did, but you would also have to tell the truth about any of the good that he did too. And I agree that would probably not be very much but the truth is both.

I hope Im not saying anything to a journalist here that they dont already know.

If you talk to somebody who is an anti Scientologist like Tony Ortega, you just get the bad. And if you dont believe me, Ive been reading him every day since 2011 when he began at the Village Voice reporting on Scientology every single day. And I have to say that after, what, seven years now of reading him every day, it is astounding that he never, and I mean never, has anything to report about the good in Scientology. For seven years every single day its all bad.

So this is why I say that Tony Ortega is negatively biased as a journalist against Scientology.

If theres anybody who cant see this then it may be because youre getting a steady stream of negative stuff about Scientology. Its all that you know, and so youre kind of an anti Scientologist without even knowing it….Youre not discounting things that anti Scientologists say about Scientology, knowing that its biased, too.

Both sides have facts. Both sides have facts. Not just one side. The anti Scientologists arent the only ones with facts. So as a journalist, you should be able to recognize that youre being fed a steady stream of bullshit from Tony Ortega about Scientology.

So this is my argument for why Tony Ortega is biased on the subject of Scientology. I hope it makes sense.

Thank you very much.

Over and out.

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