Destroy Lives, Create Profit

In an interview with a popular women’s magazine, an actress explained how she has been working as an undercover FBI agent fighting against child sex trafficking on sites like Backpage. 

During her time undercover the star participated in half a dozen child-sex stings around the world as an unpaid volunteer. 

She explained her involvement to help the FBI fight child sex traffickers like Backpage by saying that good people are the only ones who will do anything about it.

The actress said technology was a big part of catching the pedophiles, but it also constantly changes. One project she worked on five years ago involved detectives posting ads for sex with children and within 15 minutes she had 30 appointments. 

The actress said the worst of them was Backpage.

Six years ago the actress started a non-profit organization that combats slavery, and has since become a regular spokesperson to the public about the subject.

But Tony Ortega, former Backpage Chief Apologist, chose to cover up or defend the sex criminals and ignore their countless victims.

One could say that their motto was, destroy lives, create profit.

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