Anniversary of the Death of Backpage Finds Many Still Asking Questions

Last month, April 6th to be precise, marked the two year anniversary since Backpage found its offices raided and its horrific child sex-trafficking website permanently shut down.

As we’ve been exploring recently, Tony Ortega has been suspiciously quiet about his personal knowledge of the illegal activities his pimp bosses at Backpage were up. It’s lead to many voices in print and on the Internet asking for clarification on exactly what Tony Ortega knew and when he knew it.

One of Tony Ortega’s pals, former CEO of Backpage, Carl Ferrer, admitted to a series of crimes when subjected to questioning. Indeed, to quote to a statement from the Justice Department itself:

He [Ferrer] had long been aware that the great majority of Backpage’s ‘escort’ and ‘adult’ advertisements were, in fact, advertisements for prostitution services….   Ferrer further admitted that he conspired with other Backpage principals to find ways to knowingly facilitate the state-law prostitution crimes being committed by Backpage’s customers.”

The question we increasingly hear people asking now, is this — if Carl Ferrer confessed when questioned by federal authorities, why is no one hauling a creep like Tony Ortega, who himself had a seat at the Backpage table, into the station for a solid grilling?

We suspect no one would flip on his friends faster than Tony Ortega, who from the beginning has only ever been motivated by his own greed and self interest. After all, Tony Ortega is the sort of B-movie villain who would inform on his own grandmother, if he thought it might save his skin.

As the court cases continue, we continue to hold out hope that a subpoena might show up one fine morning on Tony Ortega’s doorstep.

Considering the words of one highly placed federal agent investigating the matter, Tony shouldn’t get too comfortable imagining he’s cheated justice just yet:

An indictment of this magnitude is particularly troubling when you look at the various layers of corruption and exploitation that are alleged to have occurred. The masterminds behind Backpage are not only alleged to have committed egregious amounts of financial crimes such as money laundering, they did so at the expense of innocent women and children.  

While these types of investigations can be made more challenging with the use of virtual currency, offshore banking, and the anonymity of the Internet, it should serve as an example to all criminals that there is not a place they can hide where we will not find them.”

Justice is on the march and there is not a place Tony Ortega can hide where it will not find him.

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