Anonymous at the United Nations?


On January 27, 2018, Tony Ortega wrote:

Ten years ago, at 2 in the morning on January 27, 2008, Mark Bunker uploaded a 9-minute video he’d made after a long day of work.

Two weeks before, on January 14, Bunker had made a little history by posting another 9-minute video, one featuring Tom Cruise talking about what it was like to be a Scientologist which had been leaked out of the church and ended up in Bunker’s hands. That video (which had actually been recorded in 2004) went nuts on YouTube, and the church reacted by trying to get it yanked down with various legal threats.

Offended by what they perceived as Scientology’s censorship of information on the Internet, the Anonymous movement then struck back with a video of its own on January 21 as DDOS attacks took down numerous Scientology websites.

Alarmed by some of the tactics that Anonymous was using in its sudden war with Scientology, Bunker decided to say something. The result was his message to Anonymous, which itself garnered a lot of attention and won Bunker a new nickname: Wise Beard Man.

While Ortega praised Anonymous he very conveniently “forgot” to mention that his wife, Arielle Silverstein, is a member of that group and that her Anonymous online moniker is Bozuri. It is not known if Silverstein was part of the DDoS attacks launched by Anonymous against a number of Scientology’s websites, but she surely instigated and launched an anti-Muslim campaign “draw Mohammed day” on Why We Protest, the Anonymous forum where Bozuri was conducting her extremists activities, at times from her office at the United Nations. If Ortega claims to be an unbiased reporter then he needs to tell the whole truth, i.e., that his wife is a member of Anonymous who works at the United Nations. Ortega also failed to mentioned to his cult followers that two of his wife’s members of Anonymous were prosecuted and sent to federal prison for 12 months  for having participated in the above mentioned DDoS attack.

Some samples of Arielle Silverstein postings as Bozuri or SarahInZurich and other monikers:

























Furthermore, allow me to quote Ortega’s attorney, Scott Pilutik, in a speech he gave in July 2012:

I remember Tony at first, reading him in the Phoenix New Times, then like, all other Scientology writers, they get a life and they go away for a while, but then he came back. I remember reading in I think Media Bistro that Tony had gotten the Editor, the Editor-in-Chief job at the Village Voice and I said ‘wow, hope he writes about Scientology again and we all know what happened and he brings it every day, and the remarkable thing about Tony is he is fair, he is fair, he is relentless because, really, when it comes to Scientology all that is necessary is the facts, it’s not the rhetoric, it’s the facts and Tony brings it every day and he’s got an empathetic ear and he’s also, he is just a great guy. Everybody here knows of him. I mean luckily I don’t have to give a full bio because everybody, Tony, he is the most known guy here. It’s high time. And this war is also to right a certain wrong. We all remember the “top 25 people destroying Scientology” And we noticed that there was one name that was not included, and he is too modest, he was way too modest – you all know him, he is too modest to give himself that honor but, I’m here to right this wrong. And also I have to mention, there is a power behind the throne and that is his tireless researcher and significant other, Arielle.

Arielle Silverstein with her New York Anonymous associates




Tony Ortega with his New York Anonymous buddies

Not only Arielle Silverstein is a member of Anonymous, but as a United Nations’ employee she has been “tirelessly” doing research for Tony Ortega. Inquiring minds are wondering if Silverstein is doing those researches for her husband on the United Nations’ dime.

Mark Bunker has been milking Anonymous for many years by collecting at least $100,000 “donations”. So Bunker was indeed “wise” as he saw an opportunity to make a profit without having to work. Just like Tony Ortega who let’s his Anonymous wife work at the United Nations while he indulges himself in harassment and hatred.

Here are more samples of Arielle Silverstein’s postings on the Anonymous forum as Bozuri:

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