Another Bogus Tony Ortega Story

We recently published an article about Tony Ortega’s unethical “journalism” behavior, highlighting two of his more egregious newspaper fabricated stories. Following that story several eagle-eyed readers were quick to point out that we’d missed another glaring example of Tony Ortega’s print-based lies.

This next piece of the story picks up not long after the fake “teenage rape debacle as reality show” controversy Tony Ortega had authored for the two-bit rag, the New Times Los Angles. (You remember that one, it was the one he immediately lied about having invented the moment it was exposed as a hoax.)

Having worked what damage he could in Los Angeles, Tony Ortega packed up his bags and moved on to another unlucky publication, this time it was the Kansas City Pitch.

It was at the Kansas City Pitch, our attentive readers reminded us, where Ortega, using the fake name of Cesar Oman, concocted yet another deceptive, misleading, and entirely untrue story about the remains of Confederate soldiers found at a construction site in Kansas City. By this point it should go without saying that of course there were no such remains. Tony Ortega had once again based his “story” on lies he thought the Kansas City Pitch readers would be gullible enough to swallow.

Evidently, Tony Ortega’s fabrication worked well enough to convince a handful of prominent Kansas City citizens who became very publicly upset before it was proven that it was in fact another bogus Tony Ortega false story.

At least that one, we have been told, cost Ortega his job. He was kicked off the paper in short order once his latest false story was revealed.

From there, the rest was history.

Tony Ortega would move on to serve  as apologist-at-large for the infamous sex-trafficking website, Backpage, which he defended from opponents of child sex slavery like a rabid dog.

Examining this reader-submitted example of Tony Ortega’s fakery in light of the other false stories and invented stunts of his we reported on a few days ago, it strikes us that Tony Ortega’s entire career has been nothing more than one hoax after another.

Why, it’s almost as if Tony Ortega designed each false story he publishes to purposefully lie to the public again and again in order to advance his own personal agenda… What more could you expect from a bogus “journalist” like Ortega.

Many thanks to those of you who reached out with further examples of Tony Ortega’s dishonest journalism. We know there are a lot of you with many more examples of Tony Ortega’s dishonest behavior. We appreciate you all in helping us to expose him for the fake he really is.

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