Anything To Avoid Justice: Backpage’s Absurd New Legal Strategy

If it is own thing we all know about the slimy executives of the Backpage sex trafficking syndicate, it is this: they will use every dirty, underhanded trick in the book to slither off the hook.

Maybe it’s a trick they learned from their pitchman, Tony Ortega. One thing is certain, however, this past week they were up to their old tricks again.

We all know the former Backpage executives Michael Lacey and James Larkin, together with their squad of already-indicted unethical employees stand accused of facilitating prostitution. But last week lawyers for the accused made clear their clients have zero intention of facing their day in court like men. 

Instead, they are taking a page from Tony Ortega’s playbook of using any means necessary to weasel out of their accountability.

Last week, lawyers for the accused cyber-sex trafficking pimps announced they will continue their push to remove an Arizona federal judge. We reported to you previously of the ham-fisted attempts these devious scoff-laws made last month to force the judge in their case, the honorable Susan M. Brnovich, to recuse herself from the case due to comments by her husband, who is the state’s attorney general. 

This move was roundly rejected by the judge, who tossed aside their paper-thin argument that she could not be impartial because her husband, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, published a booklet aimed at curbing the proliferation of human trafficking. 

Clearly, the accused former Backpage executives and employees are used to being surrounded by cheerleading ‘yes-men’ like their lapdog Tony Ortega when it comes to the matter of trafficking underage girls illicitly. 

What is more, it is apparently the view of the Backpage crime bosses that anyone with family members who hold the very reasonable view that ‘illegally trafficking innocent children for sex’ is itself inherently wrong must surely demonstrate bias.

The Backpage deviants are now insisting the courts cater to their preposterous demands by asking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to step in, remove the judge, and begin the whole trial processes anew — all at the tax payers’ expense.

As with so much connected to Tony Ortega’s history it all stinks of cheap theatrics, self-seeking hoggishness, and desperation. 

How this will all shake out remains to be seen but we here at the blog will continue to cover this story as it develops, no matter how sordid or unscrupulous the Backpage pimps’ absurd legal strategy proves to be.

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