Arielle Silverstein: Advocate of Unrest

Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

We provided you damning proof that Tony Ortega’s wife, Arielle Silverstein, has for years been pushing an agenda of aggravating conflict against those she hates, ending one of her infamous rants with something that looked an awful lot like a call to arms to her fellow “Anons” members of the shadowy Internet group “Anonymous”, which the FBI had designated as a being a cyber terrorist organization.

She posted the location of a table set up to offer the public free personality tests in the hopes of recruiting other members of her cyber terrorist cell to “raid” (her words) them by harassing and attacking.

Surely a lawyer working for the United Nations headquarters in New York would know better than to advocate attacking religions peacefully practicing? You would think so but this was hardly the first time she took up the cause of Anonymous to sow chaos, discord, and the potential physical violence. Like her unemployed freeloading husband, Tony Ortega, Arielle has a long history of shilling for the bad guys. Unlike Ortega, who for the better portion of his short-lived tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the Village Voice tried to smear anti-sex trafficker activists as misguided in their approach, Silverstein actively sought to recruit ‘cyber terrorists’ in her own personal war against Scientology.

Consider the following post from May 31 of 2011:

Duffy – are you an anon? Are you active in Israel? I’m Israeli, but live abroad. I’m trying to rally all the Israelis that protest Scientology. I don’t do protests myself, but I need help in writing letters to the media/members of the Knesset. There are a couple of more of us here, but we’re very disjointed. I’d like to have Hebrew threads on WWP. Do you know if any other people that might interested in joining? I haven’t seen any anti-scientology forums on Israeli websites [apart from a couple of blogs on Tapuz].

Why this hasn’t been more thoroughly investigated by the FBI is simply beyond comprehension. In the post above she is actively soliciting participation in building local ‘cyber terrorist’ cells overseas — all while in the employ of the United Nations, a body dedicated to promoting peace! If this doesn’t rise to the level of advocating further unrest in the Middle East what does?

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