Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri: Lying Out of Both Sides of Her Mouth

It’s a strange thing about Arielle Silverstein, she has an interesting habit of lying out of both sides of her mouth. We saw previously how easily she bounced from proclaiming herself to be inclusive and “educated” to dropping right down in the gutter with bigoted talk of ‘raiding’ members of a religion.

It seems the moment she tries to portray herself as ‘balanced’ the arrogance of that particular brand of ignorant atheism she and her freeloading husband share once more bubbles to the surface. And it’s not just Scientologists she takes aim at, it’s anyone who professes religious faith of any kind.

Like the time she promoted her bizarre obsession with baiting Muslims by posting cartoons depicting Mohammed in an attempt to shame and humiliate them.

Note the glaringly obvious hypocrisy at work in the following post, in which she demonstrates her own bigotry even as she gives lip service to ‘discrimination being outrageous’:

Recently, Pakistan has been trying to push for a UN resolution dealing with “defamation of religion” [they were mainly mad about all those Mohamed jokes]. Pakistani government actually really dislikes not only proselytism, but in fact they discriminate against their own citizens who are not of Muslim faith. Obviously their discrimination against Christians and other religions is outrageous. But we can totally use the Pakistani government’s religious intolerance against Scientology. I bet Scientology in Pakistan does what it did in Israel – dropped the cross and the word ‘church’ from its name. So no need contacting the extremists – the government will do. Oh wait – they are one and the same in most cases. – Bozuri, Jun 23, 2011

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone to hear Silverstein lie openly about standing against discrimination, her entire posting history is full of such statements. What surprises us is just how forthcoming she is with the vile rhetoric which drives intolerance of people who think differently from her. Perhaps that is what brought Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega together in the first place; their passionate shared love of hate.

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