Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri, Plays The Hypocrite Victim Card

Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

Recently we made the claim that Tony Ortega’s current wife, Arielle Silverstein, is a hypocritical ideologue who boasts of her ‘education’ and ‘peacefulness’ while actively trying to gin up aggression against other religious groups despite the fact that she is culturally a member of a minority group which has long been victimized by those who advocated similar bigoted thinking.

We here at the blog have been looking at her past online posts in an effort to expose the dangerous ‘double-think’ Mrs Tony Ortega pushes. And today we have a doozy.

On June 12, 2011, Silverstein took to the Anonymous forum to complain about an encounter that she herself instigated. It began like this:

Today I was walking on upper East Side, minding my own business, when a guy with a big “free stress test” sign appeared in front of me in the middle of the sidewalk… I didn’t pay attention at first, but then I saw the e-meters. I couldn’t help myself but to sit down and hold the cans. The [Scientologists] were very nice, asked me where I was from, I said Israel…

We will spare you the rest of this long and rambling diatribe spanning multiple posts, in which see tries to construct a story to make herself look like the good guy. Suffice it to say, she saw some representatives from Scientology and decided to cause some drama when her personality test failed to register correctly due to the inordinate amount of anti-depressants she was on. 

When she began to make a scene she was politely asked to leave as other people were waiting to take the test. She jokingly argued that she didn’t see anyone else waiting in line before saying she didn’t want to take the test anyway. (Why did you stop by in that case Arielle, if not just to find some excuse to post about it in the hopes you might be seen as the victim of some imagined harassment?) The apple doesn’t fall far from the Tony Ortega tree.

Ominously, Silverstein tact on a final post calling her fellow Anonymous goons to arms to continue the harassment she began, writing:

And in case in the future anons would like to raid this table – it was on 86 East, between 3rd avenue and Lexington.

Honestly, the fake bravado and cowardice on display here by Ortega’s wife is rivaled only by that of his own.

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