Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri: Regardless of Consequence

As we’ve been seeing lately there is no shortage of division, crackpot claims, and just plain old-fashion hatefulness when it comes to the substance of Arielle Silverstein’s “Anonymous” posting online.

The glee she takes in sharing her venomous bigotry is by now something of an open secret, but we wanted to share yet another from the vast archives of Silverstein’s discriminatory ramblings.

Readers of this blog will recall Silverstein aka Bozuri, a member of the FBI-designated cyber terrorist group “Anonymous”, is seemingly too cowardly to post her hate under her own name. Instead she uses the moniker “Bozuri” in a sniveling attempt to disguise the fact that her vitriolic screeds often emanate from her U.N.-owned computer. (We suspect this is because she knows what a dim view the international peace organization would take to her online assaults on civility and decency and so takes steps to hide her tracks.) Sadly for Mrs. Tony Ortega, in this age of achieved online chat logs she can no longer hide behind her alias.

Consider the following post by Bozuri:

I don’t know why Israeli anons stopped being active [of course if you don’t count the various ultra-orthodox Jewsish groups as a cult].  I have no idea how to awake the Israeli anons. I seriously think that writing many letters to the members of the parliament should work.

We don’t know about you, but to us this looks an awful lot like she’s advocating pressuring a foreign government into recruiting more members for Anonymous, which our sharp-eyed readers may recall from moments ago is a real life cyber terrorist organization.

As a self-proclaimed ‘educated’ person – a lawyer even – shouldn’t she know that recruiting terrorists is generally regarded as something of a no-no by every arm of the United States legal system? For someone who seems eager to hide her identity, she seems to be doing an abysmal job at hiding her crimes. Much like her unethical husband Silverstein seems undeterred by the laws of this country in her pursuit to publicly push her hate, regardless of consequence.

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