Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega: Birds Of A Feather

Hot Chicks With Guy Fawkes Masks Relaunched! Funny.

I liked the guys in tights

And more hotness: [link redacted for common decency]

Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

Whatever else Silverstein is (and we have no shortage of suggestions, ‘crank’, ‘hypocrite’, ‘hate monger’, ‘race-bater, take your pick, really) a feminist is not among the charges one can lay at her feet.

We’ve seen glimpses of how crass she can be when discussing sex in previous postings, and while we have no wish to rehash her lack of class when it comes to her discourse on the topic, it is enough to remember that Arielle Silverstein has no filter. And we mean none.

Maybe we can write that off to the drug use, but we here feel there is likely something deeper going on with Arielle Silverstein. Arielle Silverstein often easily slips into casually sexualizing her “Anonymous” cohorts, as in the above example. But it doesn’t stop there with her. Like the time she referred to a Hollywood starlet wondering aloud in her post, and we quote:

Think she’s any good in bed? That breathy baby voice of hers might work for some.”

Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega truly do deserve each other. As lecherous and depraved as the both are they must make quite a pair! Whether it’s doggedly pursuing women the way Arielle Silverstein’s husband, serial cheater Tony Ortega, has done in the past or posting what Arielle calls “hot chicks in Guy Fawkes masks” this twisted couple makes no secret of their startlingly unethical approach to sexuality.

And believe us when we tell you, you really didn’t want to see the links Arielle Silverstein included with her posts. Just like Tony Ortega, she lives to shock and appall whether by the lewdness of her online speech or by the ugliness of her hate.

It’s no wonder they ended up together. Birds of a feather flock together, even the dodos.

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