Arielle Silverstein: Bigotry’s Online Cheerleader

Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

If it’s one thing we’ve done here at the blog over the past few weeks it’s to firmly establish that Arielle Silverstein is nothing if not a cheerleader for online bigotry and fomenter of real world conflict.

Rather than flatly make baseless assertions, in the way she and her unemployed husband Tony Ortega do, we’ve taken a deep dive into her past online postings, reprinting the proof for you to make up your own mind.

As to the first charge that Silverstein is a cheerleader for online mockery and discrimination against those who don’t share her moral values (or lack thereof ) consider the following post under her ‘Bozuri’ pseudonym, dated April 20, 2011:

So what’s the moral of this story? Lying to people is OK, as long as it’s for God? Saying “there is no God but Allah and Mohamed is his profit” would suddenly turn a person into something he is not, i.e from a Jew to a Muslim? Are these magic words, like in Harry Potter?

All religions are a joke, but I don’t see any harm in them as long as people keep it to themselves.

How magnanimous of her! Insulting hundreds of millions people of faith on a subject that matters most to them before tacking on that ‘she doesn’t see the harm’ in it. How relieved people who believe in something other than the black void of atheism must be to read Arielle’s indulgent indifference!

On the second charge of fomenting conflict in the real world as opposed to the relative anonymity of her official U.N. work computer, consider this one from Jun 23, 2011:

Kind of makes me wanna buy a Delta ticket to Mecca tomorrow. I bet it will be an amusing conversation at the airport. They will have to dance around the issue not to sound offensive. But of course asking a person about his/her faith is always offensive, if you’re going to take them off the plane. Also what about atheists Jews like me? Culturally Jewish, but otherwise I’m a complete heretic…”

Indeed, how outrageous. Let’s encourage ‘complete heretics’ to ratchet up the tensions in the Middle East for the lulz! How the United Nations keeps anyone like this on the payroll is absolutely mystifying!

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