Arielle Silverstein: Desperate For Attention

That’s not how I indeded (sic) it. He acts in a very patronizing way and speaks too aggressively. Mike on the other hand is very slick with his Australian accent. – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

Another Arielle Silverstein’s, another example of her unchecked hypocrisy. Silverstein in responding to some comment calling her out the sudden, rash hostility with which attacked another of her Anonymous cronies, once again gives us another example of her instability, even if unwittingly.

We note again her crazy misspelling, this time not to poke fun at the ‘high level of intelligence’ she often brags about having but because in light of our recent post about her fondness for regularly dosing herself with copious amounts of Valium in which it was revealed that disoriented confusion was one of the key symptoms of abusers of this particularly potent classified drug.

Of course again we see Arielle Silverstein projecting her own shortcomings on to those she wishes to attack when she says, “He acts in a very patronizing way and speaks too aggressively”. Really? When it comes to patronizing and speaking too aggressively, we have an entire hard-drive filled with Arielle Silverstein’s own statements which make for far better examples than this. From where we stand, she is a tough act to beat in the hostility and patronizing category.

And how fitting it is that Arielle Silverstein should offer an unsolicited character ‘endorsement’ of Mike Rinder. Talk about one crack pot recognizing another. Still, to Arielle Silverstein’s credit “slick” is the right word to use with its implications of greasy oil and contemptuous snakes.

It’s interesting to see how deeply troubled liars inevitably tend to let the truth slip eventually if you give them enough time to run their mouths. Mike Rinder is indeed greasy and snake-like. But then again so is her husband, Tony Ortega. Maybe Arielle Silverstein has finally identified her ‘type’ and during yet another drug-fueled posting barrage has chosen to announce it to the world.


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