Arielle Silverstein: Equal Opportunity Offender

Do you know this show called “don’t tell my mother” where the presenter travels to weird places? Well, when he was in Teheran, he met a person, who offered him an alcoholic drink. The presenter was puzzled, knowing that alcohold [sic] is illegal in Iran, but the person explained that he was a Jew and hence was allowed to drink alcohol. I guess he might be allowed to have a dog as well. And by the way – since I’m an equal opportunity offender, I have to add that the ultra- orthodox Jews also never keep dogs. The less religios [sic] Jews do, but not the hard core ones. Just like Muslims, they think that the dogs are not clean.

-Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

What is it with Arielle Silverstein and dogs? Arielle Silverstein must really be hitting the diazepam hard these days because she is all over the map on this one.

Armed only with her almost comical ignorance of world religions, Arielle Silverstein once more jumps headfirst into an online discussion of why people with religious convictions are idiots unlike her, the self-describe prime example of educated intelligence.

Honestly, if it weren’t for Arielle Silverstein constantly reminding us of how highly educated she is no one would never know. Certainly not with all her childish spelling and grammatical missteps. (I mean Tony Ortega may be a hack, but at least even he knows how to operate the spellcheck function on his basement computer. Perhaps his wife might take note.)

Another interesting point at work in the above quote is that Arielle Silverstein seems compelled to remind us that she’s an ‘equal opportunity offender’. We suppose by this she means to suggest that she hates everyone with an equal passion and will do whatever is in her power to offend everyone.

How about that, maybe she is taking notes from Tony Ortega after all. If you’ve got nothing of value to say, at least offend as many folks as you can, equally.

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