Arielle Silverstein Hates Jews Too

There is simply no excuse for hateful bigots like Tony Ortega’s wife, Arielle Silverstein, time and again has shown how far she will go to give voice to her intolerant views of religious people.

Over the past few days we’ve been examining the numerous disgusting comments she has made about Muslims over the years, and we’ve been noting how her hate-driven opinions are at odds with the clearly stated objectives of the United Nations, the organization which (for the moment, at least) employs her. But Arielle Silverstein’s mockery of people of faith, doesn’t stop with Islam.

Though Arielle Silverstein has variously referred to herself as an “atheist Jew” and a “heretic Jew”, her ingrained hatred of religion and religious people extends to members of all faiths, including Judaism.

Consider the following posts from Arielle Silverstein and ask yourself if this is the kind of person you feel comfortable representing the United Nations as they seek to build peace and bonds of goodwill between differing cultures.

Under her ‘Bozuri’ alias, Silverstein writes:

“My dislike of the ultra-orthodox is so high, that I refuse to work with them on anything.”


“The ultra-orthodox are never defined as cults [even though they totally are].” 


“I like nothing more than explaining to religious people why I dislike God.”


“As if chanting some magic words ever helped anyone?”

Clearly, Arielle Silverstein is unfit to represent the United Nations at any level. The contemptuous antagonism and shameful disrespect she repeatedly demonstrates against people of faiths and creeds she neither accepts nor understands makes this all too clear.

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