Arielle Silverstein: Hiding Hate In Plain Sight

Religion can be a very sensitive subject. A study finds even talking about this potentially controversial topic can bring out the worst in social media users — a fact which Tony Ortega and his wife, Arielle Silverstein, have demonstrated.

Ortega and Silverstein go out of their way to flood social media with false stories and fake controversy they themselves manufacture in order to cast dispersions on innocent people of all walks of life trying to live their faith. 

We’ve seen how they routinely portray religions of all kinds in a negative light because they haven’t the first clue about what it is they are talking about. 

In particular, Scientology — which neither of them know anything about — seems to have become a favorite target of their’s. They obsessively attack Scientology with hysterically wrongheaded charges that it is ‘the number one threat to society and human civilization’ even as they falsely try to portray themselves as ‘the last of the great freedom fighters’ on social media. 

Washed-up tabloid ‘journalist’ Tony Ortega will frequently post his hate under his own name — because (let’s face it) Ortega’s name isn’t really worth much after a sorry career of inventing scandal to sell to ‘can’t-give-it-away-for-free’ alt newspapers. 

But, Arielle Silverstein is a different matter entirely.

As the only one in her household with a paying job, responsibility falls to her to be the ‘man of the house’. To this end, Silverstein often goes to great lengths to hide the fact that she is posts so much virulent, anti-religious hate online. 

This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise, as researchers show us that assumed anonymity online often emboldens ignorant people to be even louder and more obnoxious when they believe they won’t get caught.

Indeed, recent research reveals that more sensitive, hate-tinged posts were much more likely to be submitted by anonymous users than innocuous posts. 

Most of the online identities of users who post the sort of religious bigotry Arielle Silverstein does weren’t immediately recognizable or difficult to trace to their actual identities. As a result, those using online names and identities they presume untraceable often become more emboldened and prone to using provocative, uncivil, or inflammatory language.

Is it any wonder then why Arielle Silverstein chooses to try and hide behind obscured identities while posting? Like her husband, Arielle Silverstein attacks innocent people online. Unlike her husband, however, Silverstein thinks that by being sneaky she can somehow avoid being exposed for who she really is.

She is wrong. We here at the blog know exactly who she is and no matter how many aliases she tries and log in to using her official United Nation’s-issued computer she won’t be able to hide forever.

Internet hate mongers like Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein are perfect examples of why we need an increased call on governments and law enforcement agencies to collaborate with major social media companies in order to develop processes for cross-platform blacklisting of bigoted users and their hateful content to protect the vulnerable.

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