Arielle Silverstein: “I Hope He Gets Killed Before He Goes to Court”

We’ve mentioned before on the blog the glaring irony that someone as intolerant and bigoted as Arielle Silverstein would work for a global institution committed to international justice and peace like the United Nations. What’s more, it’s beyond disgusting that she has been using her official work computer to post the kind of garbage comments we’ve been examining in recent weeks.

Today we have another one for you which we’d like to share. But first, a little context might be helpful here.

The International Court of Justice, sometimes called the World Court, is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. It’s the successor of the Permanent Court of International Justice, which was established by the League of Nations following the unprecedented bloodshed of the First World War which led to its creation. In the turbulent era following the largest war the planet had witnessed to that point, it became the first worldwide intergovernmental organization aimed at maintaining peace and collective security.

You would think that might suggest someone (a self-described “highly educated” lawyer, let’s say) working for this organization might take a fair-minded, dare we say ‘judicial’, approach to the importance of due process of law, right?

Wrong. In Arielle Silverstein’s narcissistic fantasyland her knee-jerk opinions take precedent over the law every time. Indeed, we think it speaks volumes about Arielle Silverstein’s capabilities as a representative of the UN that she posted the following on the subject of fair trials under her ‘Bozuri’ alias:

I can’t believe he survived in the first place. How the fuck did that happen? Why didn’t the police shoot him? Those kind of assholes should be given a moment of court time. He will just agitate the victims’ families. Nobody wants to hear his delusional shit. I hope he gets killed in prison before he ever gets to court.

I hope he gets killed before he goes to court.” Never mind disqualifying her from the United Nations, or even the bar association for that matter, a statement like that raises serious questions about Arielle Silverstein’s humanity in general!

Still, at least on one point we share a similar view. When it comes to Arielle Silverstein, ‘nobody wants to hear her delusional garbage.’

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