Arielle Silverstein: “I realize how clueless many reporters are.”

In the last few weeks that I dealt with the media, I realize how clueless many reporters are. Each of them has his/her area of expertise and that’s the only thing they know. But once you email them, and call them and preferably meet them in person [if possible] they do listen. – Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

Going over Arielle Silverstein’s obscene, meandering, and all too often nonsensical, postings is beginning to give us some real insight into her ‘understanding’ of the world, if a word like ‘understanding’ can be applied to Arielle Silverstein without sounding viciously sarcastic.

As we’ve said many times here on the blog, by no one’s standard is Arielle Silverstein’s current husband Tony Ortega considered a serious ‘reporter’ in any way, shape of form. Even by his own admission is he is little more than an unpaid loudmouth who offers his own warped opinions dressed up as social commentary.

With that said, it is interesting to note how accurately the first half of the summation Arielle Silverstein makes of her ‘dealings with the media’ could be applied to Tony Ortega.

If it’s one thing Tony Ortega is, it’s certainly clueless. No argument from us on that score. And having a single area of so-called ‘expertise’ beyond which he knows nothing? Well that description seems to fit Tony Ortega to an absolute T!

The fact is, Tony Ortega is nothing if not a one trick pony. He likes to call himself an ‘expert in Scientology’ (amusingly also, on the subject of Jehovah Witnesses, if his recent obsession with them on Twitter is anything to go by). But this could be nothing further from the truth.

Of course it’s beyond comical that Tony Ortega would claim to speak for religions he knows precious little about. That doesn’t seem to stop him (or his deranged wife for that matter) from blathering mindlessly, however. Perhaps Arielle Silverstein to take a moment and address the matter with her husband? It would be a welcome change if Tony Ortega spent a little less time spouting off and a little more time listening.

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