Arielle Silverstein: Incredibly Hypocrite

The Iranian regime is so incredibly idiotic, I don’t even know where to start with where it all went wrong. Having said that – the Muslim society in general, not just in Iran, is very sexually repressed and has unhealthy attitudes towards sexuality, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Even the more developled [sic] Muslim countries [Dubai, Qatar, Turkey] are still incredibly hypocrite when it comes to sex. Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

These are dangerous times we live in. With international tensions running high in the ongoing conflict between The United States and Iran we look to international regulatory peacekeeping bodies to, at the very least, maintain a level of professional, justice-seeking impartiality. But neither ‘professionalism’ nor ‘impartiality’ are terms which could ever be fairly applied to Arielle Silverstein, or her unemployed husband Tony Ortega for that matter.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the above words of Arielle Silverstein herself. “The Iranian regime is so incredibly idiotic. I don’t even know where to start…” For a woman who, as implausible as it seems, is an attorney in the employ of the United Nations this is worryingly extreme attitude to be publicly broadcasting.

But Arielle Silverstein doesn’t stop there. She’s not content merely to denigrate Iranians, she wants the world to understand the truly staggering breadth of her hate and intolerance by making the claim that ‘Muslim society in general, not just Iran’ is the real concern.

Blinded by her bigotry of all religion, Arielle Silverstein laughably calls Muslim countries “incredibly hypocrite” because they don’t share her views on sexuality. Setting aside her typical sub-par command of the English language, it’s the wild, self-serving ignorance of her opinions which most clearly show her to be unfit for her role at the United Nations.

And for the record, the word Silverstein is looking for is ‘hypocritical’. It might be an apt bit of vocabulary to familiarize herself with because it fits her to a T.

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