Arielle Silverstein: “It’s Just He Has No Dignity”

Yeah, I forgot, the conservative media has always had it against the Democrats.

I understand why he is not likeable [sic] – he didn’t take the whole story as a man. First he denied the whole thing, but unconvinsingly [sic]; he then went on the attack when he gave Blitzer interview talking about hackers and doctoring of photos, and then he cried during his press-conference admitting all that he did. It’s just he has no dignity. And refusing to step down is not helping him look more likeable [sic]. –  Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

Sometimes we’re torn here at the blog as to whether or not Arielle Silverstein really is as idiotic as she comes across in her posts. In addition to the basic skills of spelling words correctly and composing grammatically meaningful sentences, one of the first things you notice about Arielle Silverstein from her posting history is just how ‘self un-aware’ she is.

Consider the above quote as she chimes on the case of a disgraced Democratic Congressman, berating him for not taking ‘the whole story as a man’, whatever that means.

Maybe she means that when he got caught red-handed he broke down “during his press-conference admitting all that he did.” Is Arielle Silverstein suggesting that when a ‘real man’ is caught red handed in his lie he doubles down on that lie and denies, denies, denies.

That would make sense, as that is exactly what Tony Ortega did when he was caught writing fabricated shock stories under a fake alias in order to make a fast buck. But we’re confused Arielle, in the case of the congressman you seem to suggest that his refusing to step down is not helping him look more ‘likeable’ [sic] and yet Tony Ortega not only refused to step down from his editor role at the podunk paper where he ran this scam.

In fact, Tony Ortega continues to lie about having done it, despite the damning proof to the contrary. Does this mean, in your own loopy words, “it’s just he has no dignity?” Or are you simply so un-self-aware that you are oblivious to your own hypocrisy?

The jury is out on that question. And as we’ve said, we’re torn ourselves.

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