Arielle Silverstein: Not That Naive

I’m not that naive. Corporate world always cares about money more than anything else. I’m not surprised by this story one bit… By the way – there was a commission hearing at the Israeli Knesset about the Ofer brothers with Iran. This hearing was stopped in the middle due to “security concerns”. I bet Sammy Ofer was playing a double agent. Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

In many ways, Arielle Silverstein’s posting history is a treasure trove of inside information; a sort of window into her world of crazy as it were. Indeed, one of the first things one notices when reading Arielle Silverstein’s online rants is the sheer number of times she begins by attempting to project an image of herself to her readers that simply isn’t true. And today’s quote begins with a prime example of this — ‘I’m not that naive.’

Arielle Silverstein wants us to buy that her imagined her view of herself is a clear and correct portrayal. And yet it is curious, given the number of times she makes claims to not being naive, not being crazy, not being uneducated, how precious little she offers by way of supporting evidence to the contrary.

‘Corporate world always cares about money more than anything else,’ she tells us in the typical unstudied way she crafts sentences, adding that she’s ‘not surprised by this story one bit.’ Perhaps there is good cause for her not to be surprised by stories of corporate stooges who, in the parlance of Arielle Silverstein, ‘always cares about money.’ She is married to Tony Ortega after all, a slimy character who by this point has fully been exposed as a Backpage  shill out to make a fast buck.

Telling too, that in her last line she accuses someone of ‘playing a double agent’. Doesn’t this sound more than a little like Tony Ortega? Our readers will remember the role of agent provocateur he played in protecting Backpage, taking the guise of a ‘’journalist” whose primary concern was the First Amendment, all the while quietly collecting paychecks from underage sex peddlers.

Arielle Silverstein may want us to believe that Tony Ortega wasn’t ‘playing a double agent’ in this sense and serving his corporate masters while betraying public trust. But the simple fact is — we’re not that naive.

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