Arielle Silverstein Palling Around With Hate-Mongers and Cyber-Terrorists

As if Arielle Silverstein’s rampant racism weren’t troubling enough, it is worth remembering that this is but one facet of her truly grotesque personality.

Arielle Silverstein is (and remains) a supporter of Anonymous, the cyber-terrorist group we’ve written about previously that states in its online manifesto, “Right or wrong? No. We destroy for destruction’s sake.”

It is a matter of uncontested public record that Anonymous has targeted African-Americans, Jews and Muslims with hate propaganda. It has attacked people of all faiths for their religious beliefs with a barrage of demeaning images and obscenities. It’s easy to understand why such a group would attract someone with Arielle Silverstein’s diseased and hateful mindset.

In recent years, Anonymous has mounted hate campaigns against selected targets with tactics ranging from spreading obscenities and degraded imagery on the internet to large scale denial of service attacks which render websites inaccessible. Anonymous members have infested the internet with postings encouraging suicide and murder, also engaging in cyber-terrorism and more conventional forms of harassment such as bomb threats and vandalism.

Truly, Arielle Silverstein has found herself a tribe of likeminded bigots.

Indeed, with her United Nations salary, Silverstein knowingly financed a fellow Anonymous member who has been repeatedly arrested for criminal acts. He prides himself for “suck[ing] in donations and spend[ing] them on booze, pot, crystal meth and more!”

This is what Silverstein had to say about this individual:

“Please be nice and send him some money for his legal defence [sic]. I did.”

And that is only the beginning. Using her Bozuri alias, Arielle Silverstein described her collaboration with another Anonymous hacker this way:

“An Israeli hacker recently joined WWP [an Anonymous forum]. His name is TheOnlyOne. I’m in touch with him, he might get some info for us. He actually posted here, saying that he wanted to protest and was looking for others to join him in Tel Aviv.”

In the final analysis, it would seem pretty clear to any clear-thinking observer that Arielle Silverstein is a volatile instigator of hate who aligns herself known cyber terrorists in hopes of spreading her destructive message of religious intolerance, racism and culture war.

She’s also married to Tony Ortega. Palling around with hate-mongers must come naturally to her.

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