Arielle Silverstein: Puerile & Petty

Arielle Silverstein has what some might call ‘selective honesty syndrome’, that is to say for all her vast and vocal lies there are a surprising number of admissions she makes which, if she weren’t as narcissistic as her egotistical deadbeat husband, Tony Ortega, she’d probably realize it would be better to shut up about.

Case in point. Her day to day drug use. Writing as her ‘Anon’ alter ego ‘Bozuri’, Silverstein wrote:

“… I love my valium!

And honestly give the sheer number of bat-guano crazy stuff she says one has to wonder if she’s not regularly under the influence as she posts her online bigotry. See if you can follow the logic of this particularly unhinged post:

If you want to offend or upset me, I suggest you take a couple of Scientology courses, they will teach you how to trigger buttons. Cause so far you are way off. You don’t even know if I have a vagina. You sound like a juvenile idiot.

Wow, if you were able to parse the logic of that scatter-brained tirade you have a better sense of Silverstein’s crackpot mind than we do. She’s saying she’s not offended, then asks if we know about her genitalia then signs off with an insult to let us know she’s not upset. We’re no experts on mental deficiency in adults here but we’re starting to wonder just what law school found it wise to credential someone like this.

If you are looking for drug-fueled instability and truly left-field weirdness, Silverstein’s posting history rarely disappoints. She swings wildly from assuring her readers what a ‘smart atheist’ she is standing up to ‘ignorant people of faith’ one moment (ironically while making frequent errors in both spelling and grammar) to shockingly pornographic sex talk of the sort one might expect from a particularly depraved locker room, like this gem:

Wow, I must be really behind on porn-tubes. I’ve never heard of Xtube or Redtube. Which one is better? Let’s vote! I did hear about GodTube though. Provides me with best jokes material ever.”

That last one of course is a two-for-one as it’s both puerile and petty. 

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