Arielle Silverstein, Sticking Her Nose In Where It Doesn’t Belong

But you’ve seen the crowds on 42nd street – lots of working class people, lots of immigrants, big masses of people who are just too busy to do anything but work. I bet Scientology is the last thing on their mind and they’ve never heard of it. And those nice red tables and personality or “stress” tests look damn good to some overworked bastards. Not to mention promisses [sic] to teach them how to make millions by applying Scientology business techniques… – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri.

Not for the first time does Arielle Silverstein sticks her nose in where it doesn’t belong. As if being an online ‘know-it-all’ in her chosen field of international law wasn’t enough, Arielle Silverstein somehow feels entitled to sound off about everybody else’s business too, as we see above in her (completely unsolicited, mind you) opinions on Scientology outreach in downtown Manhattan.

Part of what is so distasteful about Arielle Silverstein’s hot takes on subjects she really knows very little about, is the in-built condescending attitude which seems to permeate every pronouncement she makes as if she is handing down judgments from her ivory throne. It is as if Arielle Silverstein is wanting you to know how superior she is (even as she is in midst of misspelling another one of her grotesquely worded rants.)

Exactly how a third rate foreign-born lawyer feels qualified to narrowly stereotype the diverse crowds of New Yorker uniformly as ‘overworked bastards’ remains something of a mystery. That said, it is undeniably yet another example of how arrogant Arielle Silverstein’s tiring really is.

And of course, Arielle Silverstein closes out her pointless diatribe with a parting shot at those wishing to learn how to make something of themselves using Scientology techniques. It should come as no surprise to the rest of us exactly why this should be, given that her husband is known-deadbeat and infamous layabout Tony Ortega. Perhaps even raising the possibility that a little hard work could improve an individual’s prospects feels like something of a personal attack on the official Tony Ortega family work ethic – or more accurately, ‘work-shirking’ ethic.

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