Arielle Silverstein: The Pot Who Calls the Kettle Black


The Iranian regime is so incredibly idiotic, I don’t even know where to start with where it all went wrong. Having said that – the Muslim society in general, not just in Iran, is very sexually repressed and has unhealthy attitudes towards sexuality, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Even the more developled (sic) Muslim countries [Dubai, Qatar, Turkey] are still incredibly hypocrite when it comes to sex. – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

It’s always amusing to see a hypocrite calling out others as being hypocritical. In the case of Arielle Silverstein, however, she is not doing so to amuse readers of her scatterbrained, often misspelled (see above) ramblings. No, Silverstein posts online under the ‘Anonymous’ code name she’s assumed (Bozuri) for one reason – to sow seeds of hatred and intolerance.

Apparently being an employee of the United Nations hasn’t deterred her from attacking and mocking Muslims. Neither has it appeared to dawn on her that by castigating ‘Muslim society in general’ as she so causally does in the above quote, she is herself being a hypocrite of the highest order.

And this is by no means an isolated occurrence. As we’ve been seeing in so many of Arielle’s posts, insulting cultures and ideas different from her own comes so naturally to her we can’t help but wonder if she is really so naive as to believe in anonymity on the Internet.

Perhaps, like her insufferable husband, she is so starved for recognition that she throws caution to the wind and rushes headlong into whatever controversy she’s trying to ignite on any particular day. If she’s learned anything from Tony Ortega surely it is how to be unapologetically loathsome online.

Insinuating that the entire population of Iran is ‘incredibly idiotic’ is certainly one way to make a name for yourself online, though we can’t help but wonder if her bosses at the United Nations would be fully onboard with her bigoted, if uniquely ‘Ortegaean’, approach to international diplomacy.

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