Arielle Silverstein: Third Rate Tony Ortega

Arielle Silverstein’s contempt for religion and all those of religious faith is by now an incontrovertible fact. We’ve seen time and again her sneering, bigoted slurs even against people of her own (renounced) religious tradition.

In Arielle Silverstein’s mind, she is a rogue agent causing orchestrated chaos and disruption in the service of her ridiculously deluded ends.

In reality she is a witless bully who isn’t half as clever (or as important) as she wants us to believe. Arielle Silverstein is like a delinquent junior high school dropout, only with worse spelling and a more puerile sense of humor. (We might even go so far as to call her a ‘poor man’s Tony Ortega’ if Tony Ortega weren’t already sporting that title himself!)

If you need proof of just how crude and juvenile, and pointlessly offensive Arielle Silverstein is, consider the mocking bigotry of the “5 Star” Yelp Review she posted when she naively believed she could post her hate speech anonymously, without it ever being traced back to her:

It must be my lucky day because I just got a BJ at the Mormon Temple in Oakland last week, and this morning one of the front desk workers at the Church of Scientology fucking cruised me and took me around back to one of the bathrooms and gave me a handjob in one of the stalls. I’m not fucking kidding. I’m loving these new religions, I gotta say. – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

Clearly, it’s not her lucky day because this failed lowbrow attempt at ‘satire’ is enough to leave even Tony Ortega himself cringing. (Tony Ortega, the phony who set the gold standard for faking news stories written under false names no less.)

It just might be that the most pathetic thing about Arielle Silverstein is that she thinks she’s on the winning side of all this. Sneering remarks and cheap insults may not win her too many arguments. Nor will they win her much in the way of public support. But there is one thing they can do, they can show the world, in her own words, exactly the kind of person she is — an illiterate, intolerant, third-rate Tony Ortega.

And that’s about as pathetic as it gets.

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