Arielle Silverstein & Tony Ortega: Bigots of a Feather

When we left off yesterday we had begun a discussion about the mysterious money keeping Tony Ortega in ‘business’, for lack of a better word. We been asking the question as to why Tony Ortega seems able to freeload his way through life, being as he seems to find it so difficult to find anything approaching real work these days.

What we know about Arielle Silverstein is largely from her very public statements about hating religion and oppressing religious minorities. A very strange stance coming from a woman who identifies, as we saw in yesterday’s post, as a Jew herself. One wonders if she has ever picked up a history book discussing the history of the Jewish people, particularly their treatment as marginalized members of a ‘minority religion’ Europe in the 1940’s. Would doing so soften her bigoted intolerance we wonder?

And it’s not just so-called minority religions which find themselves in Arielle Silverstein’s crosshairs. She has frequently taken aim at Islamic communities. Like the time instigated a “draw Mohammed” campaign back in 2012. Or the many times she has attacked Christians in her public-facing writings. Or the time she posted disgustingly anti-Semitic caricatures of her own Jewish ancestry. We could go on detailing the undignified litany of Silverstein’s intolerance but we trust you get the idea. It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see what a pair she and her hateful husband make.

Silverstein’s parents, who it should be noted still live in Israel, must be ashamed of negative bias their daughter has brought into her role as an employee of the United Nations, an august body which describes its mission as ‘reaffirming faith in fundamental human rights and in the dignity and worth of human beings’.

As we’ve seen, Silverstein has no problem using official UN computers to publish her screeds. (Though to be fair, maybe she has no choice in the matter, what with an out-of-work, stay-at-home deadbeat hogging the home computer as he hammers out his urgent, breathless blogs condemning whatever his delicate sensibilities feel threatened by at the moment.)

Serial adulterer Tony Ortega must be absolutely terrified of falling out of favor with his sugar-mamma and her wealthy parents. One more infidelity and he could find himself living on the streets, begging for money in front of a hastily drawn cardboard placard reading, “Will bigot-blog for cash”.

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