Arielle Silverstein Wants Help Committing Crimes

Isn’t it time we had a loud campaign [attacking Scientology]? I’m not a hacker and have no idea how to do spectacular things, but wouldn’t it be amazing if on many major website a banner would appear saying [critical things about Scientology]? That way the media might pick up the story. – Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

It’s not often here that we step in to censor the hate Arielle Silverstein regularly spews when she thinks she’s posting anonymously online. But occasionally we find some of the things she says so offensive that in the spirit of good taste we have to step in.

We have no wish to help perpetuate Arielle Silverstein’s bigoted agenda, and the point of this article is not to give her free press for campaign of intolerance. That said, we felt it was important to spend a moment examining the rhetoric Arielle Silverstein employs as part of her ‘anonymous’ attacks.

We’ve mentioned before how Arielle Silverstein makes no secret of her attempts to rally hackers and cyber terrorists to her cause. One might think a lawyer at the United Nations would be a little more circumspect in recruiting criminals to pursue active crimes on her behalf, but here we are.

Indeed, the redacted quote above says it all. In it we see Arielle Silverstein  bemoan the fact that she doesn’t have the skills to commit the crime herself and uses her post to wonder aloud, “wouldn’t it be amazing if” someone would step in to help her break the law by injecting a banner critical of Scientology on what she incoherently refers to as “many major website”.

In the broken logic of Arielle Silverstein’s mind, she believes this might get someone ‘to pick up the story’ and help disseminate her hate-speech for her.

Sadly for Arielle Silverstein this story is getting picked up, by us. It stands as yet another example of her hate and her willingness to break the law or more accurately, per above, entreat others to break the law on her behalf.

To borrow the words of one would-be cyber terrorist, “isn’t it time we had a loud campaign” exposing the true Arielle Silverstein?

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