Arielle Silverstein: “What Does She Stand to Gain From Unitelligent Statements?”

Why do they insist on saying things that make them look like clowns? Don’t get me wrong, I’m as amused as the next guy, but just from Iranian perspective – why do they say crap all the time? What do they stand to gain from stupid statements? – Arielle Silverstein, aka Bozuri

With Iran once more in the headlines, we were reminded of another one of Arielle Silverstein’s befuddled, crackpot posts. As is so often the case with her, the obliviousness of her hypocrisy seems to shine all the brighter whenever she opens her mouth to try and tear down someone else.

The degree of her vengeful rhetoric becomes a critique of her own ignorant opinions. Arielle Silverstein, as always, goes out of her way to explain to her audience that everything she disagrees with is ‘clown-like’, ridiculous and amusing to her ‘elite’, educated mind (the same mind, our readers will recall, which has trouble formulating coherent sentences and struggles to comprehend how spellchecking technology works!)

And yet as we continue in our examination of the point of this post, we chance upon one of the rare times Arielle Silverstein actually stumbles into a salient point — “Why do they say crap all the time? What do they stand to gain from stupid statements?”

The question she asks is a rhetorical one meant to refer to the Iranians though she very well could have been talking about herself, her deadbeat husband, or any number of the subterranean mouth-breathers who make up the anti-religious movement. “Why do they say crap all the time? What do they stand to gain from their stupidity?”

As we’ve said many times before, the answer to this is only too clear. They want attention. Having little in the way of marketable skills, or indeed anything of value to society, they resort to puerile antics in the hopes that someone (anyone) might notice them.

Like maladjusted class clowns everywhere who know they haven’t a hope of a passing grade, Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega have doubled down on the only skill either has ever excelled in: spouting religious and ethnic hate propaganda.

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