Arielle Silverstein’s Incontestable Hate

Recently we began a deep dive into Tony Ortega’s bigoted wife, Arielle Silverstein, with special attention to the role she played in popularizing an operation orchestrated to demonize Muslims in a hate-driven stunt dubbed, “Draw Mohammad Day”.

On Tuesday, May 12, 2011 (in the middle of a work day at the United Nations, no less) Arielle Silverstein posted the following under one of her many ‘Anonymous’ the pseudonyms: “I’m planning on committing the crime of blasphemy on #MohammedDay, May 20. It’s good not to be living in Kuwait, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.”

Six days later, on May 18, she posted: “Draw Mohammad Day 2011 … it makes me mad that the Muslim world reacts so violently to any stick figure named Mohamed [sic].”

Arielle Silverstein’s cruel, calculated action to deliberately mock and deride aspects of a religion sacred to more than 1.8 billion people across the globe unsurprisingly brought resentment and, contrary to the express purposes of the U.N. itself, served to foment a more hostile environment.

We’ve mentioned to our readers previously how Arielle Silverstein’s actions contravened the United Nation’s broadly understood mission statement as laid out in its charter. We would also point out that her intolerant scheme flew in the face of the U.N. staff rules and regulations to which Arielle Silverstein was (and remains!) bound.

The first item listed under the U.N.’s “Core Values” reads:

“Staff members shall uphold and respect the principles set out in the Charter, including faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person…. Consequently, staff members shall exhibit respect for all cultures; they shall not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals or otherwise abuse the power and authority vested in them.”

There is no getting around the fact that Arielle Silverstein was in flagrant violation of the U.N.’s clearly worded policy.

However she or her propaganda-spewing hack husband, Tony Ortega, try to spin it, the incontestable truth of the matter is that Arielle Silverstein propagated incitement to hatred and intolerance from within the walls of the United Nations headquarters and from her U.N.-subsidized home.


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