Arielle Silverstein’s Vile Retribution: Part I

Readers of this blog may remember a previous story we ran a while back about Arielle Silverstein’s role in maliciously torpedoing an investigator of sex abuse against children by United Nations peacekeeping troops in North Africa. At the time we made a strong case that by doing so Silverstein directly contributed to the cover-up of those crimes.

The chief whistleblower exposing this whole affair was a man named Peter Gallo, a former international investigator at the U.N.’s Office of Internal Oversight Services. Having come across what he correctly identified as a gross injustice, Gallo sought to bring the matter to the attention of the U.N.’s Management Evaluation Unit (MEU). Unfortunately for Gallo (and indeed the victims) Arielle Silverstein was the point person in charge of the matter and she derailed the investigation and in the process ruined Gallo’s career.

Gallo has publicly stated he believes Silverstein acted out of a desire for ‘payback’, to punish him for bringing attention to the case in the first place by intentionally delaying his application until he lost his job.

In his own words Gallo described the way Arielle Silverstein’s evaluation unit was run this way:

The Management Evaluation Unit is the UN’s equivalent of the human appendix; it serves no useful purpose other than to cause intense pain and can kill you if you are not careful.”

In the days ahead we are going to be taking a deeper dive into what Gallo himself identified as the ‘Kafkaesque nightmare’ he experienced under Silverstein’s malign mismanagement when she deliberately axed the renewal of his investigator’s license in a play to protect the Secretary-General’s reputation in the wake of media reports about the sex scandal.

The documents we’ve received detailing Gallo’s firsthand account of the events read like something out of a particularly troubling episode of House of Cards with Silverstein cast as a villain every bit as unsavory as the real life Kevin Spacey.

If ever there were questions as to the true nature of Arielle Silverstein’s character, this sordid scandal will forever put them to rest.

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